Shoaib opens a big secret to bring 100 percent number in NEET exam


NTA NEET Result 2020: This year, Shoaib Aftab has topped the NEET exam. Shoaib Aftab said, ‘There is no doctor in my family, so I did not expect to top it.

new Delhi. Shoeb Aftab, who scores 720 out of 720 in the NEET exam, means 100 per cent is in discussions. Shoaib, a resident of Odisha, had prepared Neet by staying in Kota. On coming first, Shoaib threw a secret and told that there was only one thing which had done away with all my troubles. Then even before the exam, Neet I found it easy. I started waiting when the exam will be done now. I wanted the exam to happen quickly. Shoyab is the person in his family who will study doctor.

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Shoaib did this work for the entire 6 months of lockdown

Shoaib, who lives in Rourkela, Odisha, said, “I live in PG with my mother and sister in Kota.” When the Korana epidemic spread in the country, I was still in Kota with mother and sister. Buses were coming from every state to take buses. My father also got a call to come back home. But I did not go home during lockdown. I even celebrated Eid even in Kota.

got the benefit of the UPSC examination and then the lockdown that I did not stop, I removed my weaknesses. I kept revising the weak topics repeatedly in NEET syllabus. Due to this, the dots also came to the fore. The topics that were strong did not focus much on them. During the coaching, the class did homework daily and gave equal time to all three subjects. I study by making schedule daily and give different time to each subject.

I expected to be in the under 100 or 50

Shoaib Aftab of Odisha has created history in NEET examination by scoring 100 percent this time. Shoaib has scored 720 out of 720. With this, Shoaib has created another history. Actually, before this there was no neet topper from Odisha. On Shoaib’s top, his family is very happy.

NEET topper Shoaib Aftab said in a conversation with news agency ANI, ‘There is no doctor in my family, so I did not expect to top it. I was hoping that I would make it to the top 100 or 50. But it was never expected to score 720 out of 720. The exam was being postponed, so there was a lot of pressure.



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