Shocking reveal in Sushant Suicide Case, now revealed


Sushant Singh Rajput had met nearly 5 different psychiatrists in the last few years.

Mumbai: Mumbai Police is continuously investigating into the suside case of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Sources claim that the investigation so far has revealed that Sushant had been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai in October 2019 for nearly a week with a complaint of deep depression. Sushant had met nearly 5 different psychiatrists in the past few years. The Mumbai police questioned two of these doctors for several hours on Friday and recorded the statement.

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One of the doctors said in a statement to the police that he had been treating Sushant for nearly a year. Sushant was introduced by Rhea Chakraborty to a friend’s recognition. Sushant was in a lot of depression and trauma at that time and was undergoing a problem. Sleep, being confused, looking at everything with suspicion… These were early simptums.

Whenever Sushant came for counselling, Rhea was with her. The police have also asked the doctors to share their notes, medical files and other documents prepared during Sushant’s counselling. Sources claim that the psychiatrist has shared some more important information about Sushant and her life with the police, which cannot be shared with the media at this time. The police also want to verify these facts with sushant’s other doctors, his family and friends.



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