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Shocking: ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ suddenly stopped, everything okay between Kapil and the channel?

Kapil Sharma fans have got a big shock, yes, Kapil Sharma has closed his show without a finale, but it is reported that after a few days gap, Kapil will again return to the show in July. With form.

India’s popular laughter show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has gone off air since 31 January. Where only a few days ago, the show’s team told this news in gestures on social media. But now this news can be considered true, because this show was not shown on TV on Sunday. Kapil has not done any grand finale while taking farewell from his audience. It is believed that this show can also come back on TV. But only the previous episodes of the show will be shown on TV.

Many questions are also being raised due to Kapil’s show suddenly going off air. Malog is asking why the grand finale of Kapil’s show did not happen. Is everything not right between Kapil and the channel or are there some other reasons. Earlier, Kapil’s show on Colors also stopped suddenly.

Recently, Kapil played Ask Kapil session on Twitter. During this, the fans asked him many questions. At the same time, a user asked Kapil that why your show is going off air? To this, Kapil replied, ‘Because I have to spend time with my wife at home. We are going to become parents for the second time. Fans started congratulating him on Kapil’s tweet.

According to our sources, the last episode of Kapil Sharma’s show has aired on Saturday i.e. 30 January. Therefore, on Sunday, the Indian reality 12 Singing reality show called Sony TV’s TRP Machine was also given Kapil’s on air time. If this experiment is successful in bringing TRP, then in the coming days, long episodes of Indian Idol will be shown till the Super Dancer is on air. Otherwise the repeat telecast of Kapil Sharma’s show will be shown. However, no official information has been received from the channel on this matter.

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At the same time, Bharti Singh, who played the main character of the show, also gave her reaction on this. Bharti had said that “Yes I have heard my right, that this show is going to close but it is not going to stop.” We are taking a small break. Because now we want to make this show bigger. Because of which we want to do more work on it. At the same time, small guests are also going to knock in the homes of some people .. So we should finish our work first and then come back with a bang.

After a few days gap, Kapil will again return to the show in July with a new look. It was also said that even though the show is running without an audience due to the corona epidemic, but when the show will be on air again in July, then the audience will be seen as before.



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