Shubham Mishra Arrested for abusing and threatening women stand up comedian

who is shubham mishra

Youth who threatened woman comedian with rape in police arrest, Swara Bhaskar said thank you

Vadodara police have arrested a young man who threatened to rape a stand up comedian through a video. The police took action on the basis of self-cognition, which is being well appreciated on Twitter. Many celebs, including Swara Bhaskar, have thanked the police for this.

The Vadodara police informed on Twitter that the video of Shubham’s abusive and rape threats was uploaded on the internet by Shubham Mishra and shared in social media, which was taken cognizance of by the Vadodara City Police. We have apprehended him and started the legal process to register an FIR against him in the relevant sections of IPC and ATI.

On this video of the police, Swara Bhaskar thanked and wrote – Thank you very much for this swift action against Shubham Mishra who sponsored the rape. We cannot see the tradition of rape being common among us. Thank you for catching this person for his terrible comments and threats.

Richa Chadha wrote – Thank you Vadodara Police for quick and timely response. Citizens are disappointed when the law does not rule and nothing happens against those who spread hatred. It is a comfort that was much needed. This action will become an example for other idiots.


Let me tell you that a video was going viral on social media for the last few days, in which Shubham Mishra was seen raping a woman in a very vulgar language against a stand up comedian. In this video, the stand up comedian was accused of insulting Shivaji Maharaj through one of his acts. However, the stand-up comedian also apologized for hurting people’s feelings by removing this video from his social profile.


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