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Shweta Tiwari’s fashion in bo*ld clothes of daughter’s age will turn her head, it is difficult to believe even her real age

The fashion style of TV actress Shweta Tiwari is becoming tremendous like every changing day. These days, this actress is seen giving competition to the B-town ladies with her looks. Hasina’s latest pictures are exactly like this.

Shweta Tiwari is one of those beauties, who not only ruled the hearts of fans during her youth, but even after turning 40+, her fame has not diminished. This is because while most actresses stop dressing well due to age, Shweta is constantly experimenting with her looks.

However, why not Shweta Tiwari, who has received a lot of praise and fame at a very young age, has emerged as a timeless beauty and strong personality. Even after seeing many ups and downs in his personal life, she not only handled herself very gracefully but she also told from his approach that she is not one to be bound by any orthodox rules. Their impeccability is also reflected in the way they dress. We are not saying this just like this, but the latest pictures of this girl are exactly like this.

Style Shweta in black and white maxi dress

Actually, Shweta Tiwari has shared some of her beautiful pictures on her Instagram handle, in which she could be seen in style in black and white color. Picking a classic dress that suits her personality, Shweta wore a maxi dress with floral length pattern, which was smart casuals and complemented her body type well. The pattern of the outfit was quite versatile, carrying a different level of oomph and glam together.

Mother of two children looked amazing in fitting clothes

For her in-house photoshoot, Shweta Tiwari wore an A-line dress with a stripe design, the detailing of which resembled zebra crossing. The actress’s look was styled by celebrity stylist Victor Robinson, which was quite different from her earlier choices.

The zebra print was visible on the overall outfit, which did not look flashy or over the top at all. The dress had a deep plunging neckline, with which the sleeves were kept in a cutout look. At the same time, the same details were also added on its back portion, due to which the toned back of the actress was being flaunted very well.

She prepared Shweta’s clothes

This high drama dress was picked up by Shweta Tiwari from DV FASHION STUDIO, which was made from stretchable material. Its fitting was kept figure-hugging, due to which her toned figure was being highlighted in it. This double-toned dress had many such elements, which were giving her a bo*ld look.

But the corset design made in it was seen creating a teasing effect in the overall look. Due to this effect, not only was the upper portion being highlighted well, but the neck area was also adding a touch of bo*ldness to the actress’s look.

This is how the look became more se*xy

To give the perfect finish to this bo*ld looking outfit, Shweta gave herself a striking look, which was not only adding glamor to the actress’s style, but she was also breaking all records of looking bo*ld in it. To complete her outfit, Shweta paired her eyes with subtle makeup, highlighting her eyes with dark kajal and basic liner, with silver eyeshadow, beaming highlighter, soft glossy lips and leaving her hair open with a side slick.

At the same time, with this dress, Shweta had put a bracelet in her hand and a chunky necklace around her neck, which was matching very well. Well, it would not be wrong to say that Shweta was not only attracting everyone’s attention in this look but it is also difficult to guess her age.



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