Home News Sixth class student pressurized sex chat by morphing BA student's photo

Sixth class student pressurized sex chat by morphing BA student’s photo

A sixth-class boy has been charged with serious charges in Ghaziabad. A 21-year-old girl has filed a complaint against him that the pressure of sex chat was created by tampering with the same photos.
  • 21-year-old girl made serious allegations against sixth class boy
  • According to the girl, there was talk on telegram while studying
  • The boy threatened her by sending her a morphed photo and made sex chat pressure
  • On the other hand the boy says that his phone was hacked, he is not behind all this

After the Ghaziabad
Boys’ Locker Room, now a case of pressurizing a BA student into a sex group in a study group has come to light. The student who pressurized is 14 years old and studies in class six. The student is 21 years old and is preparing for UPSC. It is alleged that the photo of the girl was forced into him. The family came to know when she started getting mentally disturbed. The police have filed a report on the family’s complaint. Kavinagar police station in-charge Mohammad Aslam told that the police is investigating with the help of cyber cell.

Fell a reply heavy
According to information, a girl living in Kvinagr station (21) attached to a Study Group on telegrams for online studies. It contains details about many topics. He told that on May 7, a personal message came to him. There were only things related to studies in it. He replied on this. After some time, the morphed photo was sent to him.

Pressure sent by
sending morphed photo, accused student by sending a morphed photo pressurized him to have sex chat. On telling the family, the photo was also threatened to go viral. The girl was scared for a few days. When he spoke, the family found out the truth. It is alleged that there was a demand from the student to either pay the money or have a porn chat.

The accused is 14 years old
According to the police, preliminary investigation revealed that the accused is 14 years old and he studies in sixth grade. He is also involved in that study group of Telegram. The family of both have been summoned after filing the case. Officers have also been informed about this. However, the student is still saying that his phone was hacked and he has no information about it.

‘Parents stay alert during online class’
psychiatrist Dr. Sanjeev Tyagi said that mobile is like a two-edged sword in the hands of children. It is important to keep an eye on them. When the child is using mobile for online class, then keep an eye on him. Set a place for studies. Apart from this, if the child is alone then suddenly go into the room and look at her fingers, if she is fastened as soon as you come, then there is a need to be alert.

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