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So is ex-girlfriend Winblade behind the divorce between Bill Gates-Melinda? Know what happened at the time of marriage

After 27 years of marriage, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates have now decided to divorce and stay apart. Bill Gates, who is often in the headlines due to social service and sometimes due to social service, is in the news this time about the news of his divorce. However, the two have not yet explicitly revealed the reasons for the divorce, simply stating that they can no longer live together as a couple. But according to the news that is coming now, Bill Gates’s ex girlfriend with his wife Melinda is being told the main reason for the divorce.

According to Time magazine, it seems that Bill Gates has broken up with Melinda because of her ex girlfriend. Bill Gates had signed an agreement long ago with X girlfriend Ann Winblade, according to which he was approved to celebrate one weekend with his X girlfriend Ann Winblade every year. Also, Bill Gates took permission from both of them before marrying Melinda. This was mentioned by Bill Gates in an interview to Time magazine in 1997.

In an interview to Time magazine, Bill Gates said, ‘When I was thinking about marrying Melinda, I first called Ann Winblade and got her approval. He gave me its approval. ‘ After this, with the approval of Melinda, he has been on vacation every year with X girlfriend Winblade. Let me tell you that girlfriend Winblad is now married to Edward Alex Kean, who is the brother of actor Kevin Kean, living in San Francisco.

According to the news of the Daily Mail, Bill Gates and his girlfriend Ann met in 1984 during a computer conference. Due to living in different cities, they used to get virtual. They both had a virtual date, watched the same film at the same time and then talked about it with the phone. For some time, girlfriend Ann Winblade had rescued Bill Gates from Nonvez Khana. However, after three years both of them had a breakup. According to Time magazine, Ann Winblade told Bill Gates that Melinda would be better for him.

Let us tell that after deciding to break the marriage of 27 years, both of them said that we now believe that we can no longer live together as a couple but we will continue to work together in our institution. In a joint statement on Twitter, the two said, “After much deliberation and working on our relationship, we have decided to end our marriage.” He said that for the last 27 years, he has been running an organization which works to enable people around the world to live healthier and better lives.

According to the statement, ‘We believe that we will continue to work together in this mission and in the organization. But we cannot live together as a couple in the next stage of life. ‘ Both of them are one of the richest personalities in the world. He said, “We are entering a new phase of life, in such a situation, we want privacy for our family.”

Microsoft co-founders Bill (65) and Melinda (56) met at the company. Melinda worked as a product manager at Microsoft in 1987 when the two met. After dating for a few years, both of them got married in 194 in Hawaii. The couple has three children. Bill Gates has previously been the world’s richest man and his wealth is estimated to be more than $ 100 billion.

Melinda Gates, in her memoir ‘The Moment of Lift’ published in 2019, tells about her childhood and life-related struggles. He has also mentioned personal struggles such as being the wife of a well-known figure and raising three children at home. Last year, Bill Gates said he was withdrawing from Microsoft’s board to focus on charitable work.

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