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Special Money Schemes: If the income has stopped, then arrange for the money!

The Corona crisis has completely shaken the country’s economic situation. Because of which many companies have shown the way out to their employees due to financial constraints or they have reduced their salary by 60 to 70 percent. In such a situation even if a common person does, what should he do. In view of this situation of people, today we will tell you some such ways in this article, by which you will be able to arrange money in this difficult time. So let’s know about it in detail ….

PF account to remove can have money
If you work, then you can withdraw money from your PF i.e. Provident Fund Account or PFA. However, you will be able to withdraw 75% of the money from this PF account.

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Gold loans (Gold Loan) be able to
If you need more money then you can get a gold loan from the bank. In this, you can get this loan by pledging the gold lying in the bank in the bank. When your financial condition is right, you can repay the loan and take back your gold.

Currency Loan Scheme (MLS) from start to your business
If you are thinking of starting a small or big business, then you can take advantage of Mudra Loan Scheme for this. Under this, you can get a loan of 10 thousand to 10 lakh rupees and the time limit for repaying it can also be extended to 5 years.


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