Straw stuck in turtle’s nose, removed like this


Straw in the nose

We humans give the punishment of our mistakes in some form or the other to a lovely work of nature. There are reports that whale fish came out of the sea, so many kilos of plastic came out of its stomach. Another such case has come up. A turtle… the turtle whose age is considered the most. Straw stuck in his nose, the same straw that might have been thrown by someone on the ocean or on the shore after drinking a cold drink, that straw got stuck in the turtle’s nose.

Sudha Ramen is an IFS officer, sharing this video on her Twitter. She writes, ‘Do you have any idea how difficult it is for a turtle to live in the damage that we have created. Watch this video This is the straw that we might have left after the drink. ‘

What’s in the video?

Some people have caught a turtle. A man is comfortably pulling the straw stuck in his name. The turtle’s nose is bleeding. It is obvious that the turtle must be having trouble breathing due to this straw. He could have died, but these people tried and saved him.

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People found this video quite painful. The pain of the turtle was not seen from them.

What do you have to say about this video, after all what is the fault of this unique turtle?


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