Such a dangerous virus came in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, be careful


These days, people are in homes under lockdown and due to this social networking company Facebook is giving various types of features to its users. At the same time, users are getting new features on WhatsApp too. But these WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users need to be careful. Actually, a dangerous virus has come on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger these days. Due to this virus, you can suffer heavy losses. This is a kind of cyber attack. The name of this virus is WolfRAT Malware.

With the help of this malware, the data of photos, photos, messages in the phone of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users are being stolen. This claim has been made by researchers at Cisco Talos.

Researchers have stated that WolfRAT is actually a new variant of DenDroid which is a mobile remote access trojan. This Trojan gets installed in the phone via flash update on Google Play Sgtore. After this, the user’s phone can also be taken on the remote control. However, it is not yet revealed how many users have been targeted through this malware.

Reportedly, WolfRAT malware has been seen recording screen records during WhatsApp Messaging. This malware has currently targeted users in Thailand.

The report also claimed that this malware was created by a company called Wolf Research, which is known to make espionage malware. This malware is also capable of stealing data from the phone’s network.

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You should also be careful while using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, otherwise it will be better, otherwise the problem may increase.


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