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Sunflower Review: This series is not able to create thrill, the story ended without answering the important questions

Sunil Grover Web Series Sunflower Review: Despite Sunil Grover’s good acting, the web series Sunflower is weak, so the reason for this is the lack of entertaining story. In the absence of strong writing and imaginative direction, the makers of Sunflower have nothing to say. By mobilizing a team of famous actors, Vikas Bahl has just tried to cash in his name.

The flower blooms slowly. Vikas Bahl’s web series Sunflower also develops slowly. Each flower has a different colour, fragrance and feel. Sunflower also tries to stand out. A character in the series asks what is the difference between a dead man and a fridge. The answer is that one cools and the other cools.

Here is another interesting dialogue about death: ‘The lift will not come quickly by pressing the button again and again’. It is like death, when it has to come, it will come. The matter emerges from the murder of a man (Kapoor) here and goes away. You see with your own eyes who killed and how. The police comes to investigate. After the murder in the initial minutes, it remains to be seen till the end how the long arms of the law will reach the murderer. This is the fabric of Sunflower.

There are many sour-sweet and twisted characters in Sunflower Society. As always, many people are suspicious in the eyes of the police till the culprit is caught. here the same. Society’s bachelor Sonu Singh (Sunil Grover) is a lovely person. He always smiles like Raj Kapoor. Says hi-hello to everyone. Love keeps on sharing. He also finds love for himself. He is gullible but fast. That’s why he got the Best Employee, Best Salesman and Best Behavior awards in the same year in the company. Can Sonu do such a murder? Prof. Ahuja (Mukul Chadha) of chemistry, who lives in the flat opposite Kapoor, is also on the police-radar as there used to be fights and fights between the two. Kapoor’s domestic maid and the building’s security guard are also under suspicion. There are policemen investigating here, Inspector DG (Ranveer Shorey) and Sub Inspector Tambe (Girish Kulkarni).

Sunflower, released on Zee5, shows the police process of finding the murderer in eight episodes and ends at such a juncture, where the answers to all the questions are postponed. While the second season of the web series has not been announced. Sunflower is not perfect in this respect. It is like a flower without fragrance. The problem with Sunflower is that the characters have been created not the story. Most of them are also hyper. Not normal. There is also no smooth connection between the characters. They leave by giving their own performance. No character strikes a strong beat on the screen. There is so much detail in the name of detailing that the story, which requires horse-like speed, turns into a snail-walk. No suspense. No thrill. Comedy loose and scattered. Many scenes that give the feel of comedy have been drawn to the extent of being boring.

Sunflower basically wants to show different characters who have different complexion and mood. But it doesn’t work because there are no ups and downs in one’s life, nor emotional depth. Ashish Vidyarthi is the biggest contender here in the society’s chairman election. He and some members of the society are shown repeatedly interviewing people who want to come as tenants. It has been told on the pretext that the outside world is changing while most of the office bearers of the society have become frogs of the well in the name of tradition and rituals. There is no entry for change here. Vikas Bahl is trying to signify a possible association of Sunflower with a political party with the flower symbol, but his voice is less than a whisper.

Sunflower neither makes politico-social statements nor underlines the changes of the times. It also fails to thrill as a murder mystery. If Vikas Bahl had an idea for the second season, it would have been better to weave it tightly in one go instead of pulling it like a chewing gum. There is scarcity in the script and the characters don’t fly with their wings spread. He repeats himself almost in every scene. Prof. Ahuja’s wife always follows him, makes him drink and tries to please. There is nothing but a quarrel between Prof. Ahuja and Kapoor. Sunil Grover’s character is feminine. He is in the style and gesture of The Kapil Sharma Show. The difference is that he is wearing men’s clothes here.

Although there is no doubt that Sunil played his character very hard and his fans will enjoy it. There is no variety on the faces of Ashish Vidyarthi, Ranvir Shorey and Girish Kulkarni. Despite this, Kulkarni leaves a glow. Amidst the slow pace, the interesting part of the murder investigation gets cold. Sunflower is less close to cinema and more close to TV serials/sitcoms. If you have long free time in unemployed days then it can be seen without any specific purpose.

Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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