Swachh Bharat campaign needs popular support to succeed: PM Modi


    Swachh Bharat campaign needs popular support to succeed: PM Modi


    • PM said hurdles should not be a deterrent and appealed to the opposition not to politicise the cleanliness project.
    • PM said he is aware of the challenges and recalled how there was criticism that he had “spoiled” the holiday on Gandhi Jayanti when the scheme was launched.

    NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sought popular participation to make the Swachh Bharat campaign a success, saying even a 1,000 Gandhis and a lakh Modis and all the CMs will not succeed unless the mission is adopted by India’s 125 crore population.

    Aware of the daunting targets even three years after the launch of the mission, the PM said hurdles should not be a deterrent and appealed to the opposition not to politicise the cleanliness project that aims to bring about social change.

    “Just because there are difficulties, should we let it be?” he asked and reiterated his government’s resolve to take the Swachh Bharat Mission forward. He asked his critics not to “politicise and make fun” of the cleanliness initiative. He said people’s participation in the initiative will ensure the mission is successful despite scepticism in some quarters.

    You have thousands of topics to criticise Modi. I give you something every day, utilise them. But don’t make fun or politicise an issue which is essential to bring change in our society,” Modi said at a function to mark the third anniversary of the government’s flagship mission.

    Lack of toilets affects women the most, he said. Why can’t men learn from their female family members who don’t urinate until they reach home despite facing problems, the PM asked. “Wherever you get space, you simply stand there… Is it simply because we are men and we are allowed to do this? Until this change comes, we can’t understand the real meaning of cleanliness,” Modi said.

    PM said he is aware of the challenges and recalled how there was criticism that he had “spoiled” the holiday on Gandhi Jayanti when the scheme was launched. But today, it has become a mass movement, he said.

    “Because there are difficulties, should we only do things that will bring applause? Should we run away from difficult tasks? We all can do this together; this is what my countrymen, civil society and media have proved,” Modi said.The PM also said politicians did not talk about cleanliness and sanitation, perhaps as they were wary of being blamed for the mess.


    1. Mr. PM, No one wants to politicize a project that is geared towards cleanliness. Unfortunately the Indian upbringing, way of life & education has not given it the desired importance like in other countries. It’s not just the lack of toilets & open urination and defecation, it is our overall attitude towards garbage & unhygienic surroundings. The habit of discarding waste anywhere seems to be our birthright. Even a simple task of eating a sweet or smoking a cigarette, the wrapper or the cigarette butt is just dropped on the ground where one is standing. In Singapore one is fined for even the smallest piece of thrash thrown anywhere. Why cannot we impose rules & fines to keep our city clean? If we can be penalized for late submission of taxes, then why not for littering? Even our religious activities ignore basic civic rules. Flowers, incense, milk used for the deities are left lying around. People bathing in the Ganga or carrying out burial rituals there … all contribute to a filthy India. Children learn what they see adults do. In fact the average person does not even notice the litter on our streets. How often I have yelled at children & adults when I see them just dropping juice cartons, chips packets, etc as soon as they have finished consuming. Even my dogs behave better.

      The government needs to spend money on providing garbage bins everywhere within reasonable distance of each other and ensure a timely & effective collection and disposal system. Money can be generated through the imposition of fines not by imposing Swach Bharat Cess towards which we paid out a lot of money with no results in sight. And, Media, instead of holding loud debates defaming the Opposition & accusing us of being anti national at the slightest excuse, should be held responsible to educate the masses with regular programs on individual responsibility to keep our surroundings clean. It is not a difficult task. Forget publicity & photo-ops that you politicians are always indulging in. Instead of wasting money on publicity stunts & political yatras, please instruct your ministers to undertake swachch bharat yatras. That will have more impact than the disruptive yatras you hold to plant your lotus in every corner of India.

      • please live in Singapore or donate your organs which will be made compulsory after your death according to his minister suggests. Both you and the PM are not Indians by act and nature of your stand of words. First of all, blaming and fining is not a solution to the problem. we dont have patience to educate and eradicate. How and why may be the question you may have? If he is a PM he is not supposed to behave and speak like a nursery kid. All kids of a mum cannot be same. some are different. I never saw a policeman or a traffic cop politely advising or educating and rule offender any where but saw them fining and taking bribe from defaulters or closing their eyes towards influencing people. The government being the administrative body of a state should not impose such rule by harsh imposition and fining method which will rather invite agitation and politicize the issue and ultimately will call for non- cooperation from illiterate and inadequately educated public. I have enough (over 30 years)experience of MSW management despite having a Higher diploma in human rights. but he has only a few ministers and members in his parliament itself who understand his ideologies. I can suggest a high end solution for this problem with out even have to segregate and sort the waste in any category, like metal, plastic, rubber or etc. all materials can be reduced to produce usable materials in this world. I successfully worked for many other nations but unfortunately in India authorities are particular about certain qualifications and political influencing back-up in appointments. But then Why retired people like me get in to more trouble. Singapore is a small country or state with a small geographical area. but India having such a big continental space will have people who throw waste in open space. Europeans started wearing underwear after seeing Indians wearing it. It is only 110 years since bikini is introduced which is the simplified form of our Katcha. but their transformations were quick so we tend to follow them. They made pistols only after Tipu Sultan made cannons and British navy failed to Indians in Kulachal war. NASA has sent rockets after recognizing Tipus technology. Many of us including our PM are forgetting historical facts for which Indians were main contributors. We don’t respect our men and thus they make their way to other countries and contribute to the requirements which equally reward them with money and respect. USA had a refined civilized system only after 150 years but we just start comparing us to them just after 70 years. We still have to see more PMs coming and he is not the last savior of earth or India. Modi is the 14th Prime Minister of India, in office since May 2014. but started troubling his own ministers and people of India just after 1 year of his office filled with world tours. Many of his own ministers even do not know the theme of demonetization and literally he could not bring any visible results in Indian economy. GDP and per capita has come down. Price index has rubbed its nose on ground worse than previous regime. GST is the another worst hit with out even segregating the appropriate goods and service categories classifying, basics, necessaries, comforts and luxuries. If he allows an interview without appointment he will only blink to public questions. He still has time if he wish to wake-up or has a will. All these stunts and dramas will not help improving Indian economy. He is just passing time just as a non prepared student attending examination as he do not know what to be done next.

      • I would strongly support the contention of Mr. Francis. Although by giving Swatch Bharat Cess , people feels that they have done their part and now it’s responsibility of Government to do the thing and show usages of our contribution. Until unless some penalty impose-ment mechanism with right attitude could not developed and societal mind set not changed, such drives will remain as like others lucrative schemes to attract people attention.
        Today even after big advertisement and participation by big face owning personality nothing big has happened. We should drive from lower level, instead of having preaching by big personality, who even never might have cleaned their bathroom, people hardly accept their preaching. We should steps ahead with small leaps by providing some incentives plans from village levels from cleanness point of views and awareness among people living there. Some, innovative incentive like trips of villagers to some cleaned tourist places, some public program like drama, community lunch etc will make more impact on awareness from swacch Bharat campaign.

      • I agree so much with your views Mr. Sylvia. Every point you mentioned is absolutely genuine. I see a lot of college going students not being serious about this mission, kids eat biscuits and throw the wrappers out of the bus or on roads without out even thinking twice. Unfortunately, all these awareness on on Swatch Bharat has done no good. We really needs to make it very strict unless which it will not be taken seriously. We see that if people are penalized for a particular act, they tend to get serious about not repeating it. Also the fine should not be any small amount to get away with. Imposing cess has only made a section of people take the burden without seeing any result.

      • I agree with Sylvia Francis. All that I want to say has been covered in the comment above and hence will not duplicate it. However, I would like to quote some extracts from Late Dr Abdul Kalam’s letter to the nation:
        Take a person on his way to Singapore .
        Give him a name – ‘YOURS’. Give him a face – ‘YOURS’.
        YOU walk out of the airport and you are at your International best. In Singapore you don’t throw cigarette butts on the roads or eat in the stores.
        YOU are as proud of their Underground links as they are.. You pay $5 (approx. Rs. 60) to drive through Orchard Road (equivalent of Mahim Causeway or Pedder Road) between 5 PM and 8 PM.
        YOU come back to the parking lot to punch your parking ticket if you have over stayed in a restaurant or a shopping mall irrespective of your status identity…
        In Singapore you don’t say anything, DO YOU?
        YOU wouldn’t dare to eat in public during Ramazan, in Dubai ..
        YOU would not dare to go out without your head covered in Jeddah.
        YOU would not dare to buy an employee of the telephone exchange in London at 10 pounds (Rs.650) a month to, ‘see to it that my STD and ISD calls are billed to someone else.’
        YOU would not dare to speed beyond 55 mph (88 km/h) in Washington and then tell the traffic cop, ‘Jaanta hai main kaun hoon (Do you know who I am?). I am so and so’s son. Take your two bucks and get lost.’
        YOU wouldn’t chuck an empty coconut shell anywhere other than the garbage pail on the beaches in Australia and New Zealand ..

        Why don’t YOU spit Paan on the streets of Tokyo ?
        Why don’t YOU use examination jockeys or buy fake certificates in Boston ???
        We are still talking of the same YOU.
        YOU who can respect and conform to a foreign system in other countries but cannot in your own.
        YOU who will throw papers and cigarettes on the road the moment you touch Indian ground.
        If you can be an involved and appreciative citizen in an alien country, why cannot you be the same here in India ?
        In America, every dog owner has to clean up after his pet has done the job. Same in Japan …
        Will the Indian citizen do that here?’ He’s right.
        Our citizens have a callous attitude. Unless they are heavily penalised, there will be no change in their attitude.

        If the Government keeps garbage bins at a distance of 100 metres all over the country, a habit of discarding thrash in them will be formed.

        College students could for a monetary incentive work as swach abhiyan patrols to catch an erring citizen.

      • you are so right sir, modi – bjp are looting us the citizens to pay for the Survival of largest political party in the world. if modi can stop his foreign tours and telecasts of his temple yatras, and instead spend on just swacch bharat project, (by providing dust bins and hire temporary staff), for which we are already paying from our hard earned money, and the responsibility lies completely on the government as mentioned in all the posts here. modi and his team are become a nuisance to the nation, they have time for protesting in kerala , holding rallies in delhi, and waste of money on ayodhya diwali celebration, kedarnath development, etc etc….. , at the slightest they start off congress of emergency days were like this and like that… bjp-modi regime is worst than emergency days of indira, atleast it was declared emergency and then attrocities, but here modi the uneducated hero of the foolish indians who elected him because of his speeches… is worst than that. who cares what congress did in 1975 . INDIA IS NEITHER CONGRESS NOR BJP PERSONAL PROPERTY, IT IS OF THE INDIANS….

    2. i am intrestered with your group as voluntery work pl call me 9820053046 i am from mumbai – kayan
      i am 47 yr old my name is prakash shah

    3. There are established techniques and success stories on how to create public awareness on any issue of larger good. Why not use those?

    4. First Govt. (Politicians & Govt. Servants) should know their duties. Govt. has to catch and punish those who are disobeying the laws either self or with the help of right people.
      Fear of Govt. must be there , who are wrong. Cleaning is not rocket science. If Govt. machinery works in right direction and right time with honesty, every work not only cleaning mission will be completed.
      Since public have everything except power for punishment, which is only has Govt.
      So ultimately Govt. has to watch and handle the situation as per law, otherwise this will be only mission on paper. Actual situation will be worse day by day.

    5. At our surrounding we keep the things clean.But pproblem is with lakhs and lakhs of sanitation workers do not work diligently since they are not living not in area of work.leave aside,holy cities like modi’s varanasi,dwaraka etc are stinking.Only carrort and stick policy will work in india.Moral support of Modi cannot do anything.

    6. Why can’t we make it compulsory for all the elected representatives and the government servants do cleaning in their localities for two-three months @ 2 hours per working day so that the public can follow them soon?

    7. We Are Already Doing This Job We Did It In All Over The Country Under The Banner Of Bhartiya Modi Army . Kindly Bless Our Organization .

      • Pls stick to the mission not the banner.it is a kind request only to get maximum outcome of it for the sake of our beloved country.

      • Is country become clean people leave their jobs and work .sweapers and officiers getting salaries for what no proper direction is there .people sholdsupportandcan give better ideas .something should be fruitful done otherwise this is a waste

    8. Hi This is Rakesh fm Delhi.
      I am composting for over 2 yes. That means no kitchen waste goes to the public dustbins.
      Ensure timely PUC for my Petrol cars, it ensures that cars are in good shape and give good mileage.
      Plant Bamboo saplings in NCR, makes air clean, improves soil and increases water table.
      Conserve water, many initiatives in this category.

      Personally I believe that a nation’s progress can be measured by how clean us it and how well the nature is preserved. Happy to learn and take campaign forward to making India a better place to live.

    9. let us empower every citizen of India to act against littering and disobeying Swachh Bharat Mission. Whether anyone from any rich family, wards of influential social character or others, must be treated equally as a victim to impose punishment at once on the spot.
      It is my kind suggestion to treat the mission as same as the mission of politicians asking votes for favors during major election.

    10. Please use the MNREGA or other relevant funds to set up swachh Bharat Territorial Army battalions to carry out cleanliness of designated areas and they be given disciplinary powers to chalan/penalise defaulters on the spot. Alternatively create auxillary swachh Bharat police on the lines of Traffic Police to enforce cleanliness.
      Innovative dry latrines and nature parks are the long term answer. Electricity generated by Solar Panels etc be used to burn the night soil in situ to turn it into ash which in fact could pay rich dividends.
      Water borne toilets as presently set up is a very very bad long term idea and is likely to create major problems in every sense.
      Encourage NGOs to get involved.
      Set up a National commission for Cleanliness.

    11. The fastest way to spread awareness is when the pocket hurts . Put heavy fines . But one thing sure is that awareness is spreading . There are more people using garbage bins to throw litter than before .


    13. Well said by the PM. It should go in the blood of each and every citizen. I have seen many well educated and well employed while travelling in ac coach of train keep the waste osbeatables in the space provided for water bottle and the floor. The waste kept on the floor are moving like a foot ball by the ventors and passengers. How the PM will be responsible for such behaviour. Opposition is also part and parcel of the system.

    14. I live in Junagadh, Gujarat, to me it is ‘the land of tobacco spit’. If you stand amidst four persons anywhere in Junagadh, 3 of them will spit right in front of you unmindful of the place, surrounding etc.. . They are totally unaware of the inconvenience caused by them to the people around.
      I understand solution is more important than problems. Therefore, simply highlighting the wrong deeds will not be effective. I feel the cost of tobacco products should be too high that all won’t be able to buy and consume. Secondly, shops selling such products must be cautioned about the same. They must not allow the users to spit around lavishly. If a person found spitting on the road or wherever he feels like ,must be severely punished.
      There can be tobacoo Zone with proper spittoons which should be up-kept properly.

    15. उन ग्रामीण इलाकों में जहां शौचालय है वहां भी पानी की उपलब्धता नहीं है। शहरों में झुग्गी में रहने वालों के पास ना तो पानी की आपूर्ति है ना शौचालय की सुविधा।
      भारत के ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों में स्वच्छता संबंधी और खुले में शौच की इस गंभीर समस्या को ध्यान में रखकर यूपीए सरकार ने सन् 1999 में निर्मल भारत अभियान शुरु किया था। इस अभियान में सन् 2012 तक सार्वभौमिक घरेलू स्वच्छता का लक्ष्य स्थापित किया गया। यह सन् 1991 में शुरु किए गए टोटल सेनिटेशन केंपेन का अभिन्न हिस्सा था। हालांकि निर्मल भारत अभियान अपने लक्ष्य को हासिल ना कर सका। निर्मल भारत अभियान को वर्तमान सरकार ने स्वच्छ भारत अभियान में बदलकर पेश किया है। इसका लक्ष्य भारत में खुले में शौच की समस्या को रोकना, हर घर में शौचालयों का निर्माण करना, पानी की आपूर्ति करना और ठोस और तरल कचरे का उचित तरीके से खात्मा करना है। इस अभियान में सड़कों और फुटपाथों की सफाई, अनाधिकृत क्षेत्रों से अतिक्रमण हटाना शामिल हैं। इस सबके अलावा इस अभियान में लोगों को स्वच्छता के प्रति जागरुक करना भी शामिल है।

    16. I think government cannot be blamed solely for clean or unclean india. If some part of india is cleaner then rest of the india then its more the work of residents rather than government, take amritsar for example where people are more concerned for cleanliness than government , but ofcourse govt. Has to provide better cleaning machinery and equipments to fast track this project. The main thing i expect from govt at this point of time when people are actually aware that cleanliness is important but they are not motivated so much to follow it as the consequences of keeping surrounding dirty has not been locked in the mind of people to market the cause.

      I believe the solution for this in modern era can be marketing the social , cultural, economical, natural, technological , political and criminal aspects of uncleanliness as the majority of current population of india is youth who can be shaped according to the needs and who are ready to get in shape for the betterment of the country. Big cities and main water bodies should be targeted initially , post which we can move to the smaller cities and villages. And mind this, that this cannot be done gradually this has to be done lightening fast. Tagline for this mission ‘ IMPOSE FINE FOR DIRTY SWINES’ this tagline will help to compare the ones who are making india dirty directly to swines. This is just the glimpse of my thoughts, there is much more to share and discuss regarding this topic. Our prime minister mr. Modi is doing a great job for taking the initiative and spreading awareness across the country. Keep going mr.modi . Its time to take some harsh steps.

    17. Bad habits are very easily inherited, but for good habits its human tendency, which we were, are & will surely change in the years to come.
      The need for cleanliness should be understood by each and everyone, then only we can achieve success.
      We pledge support to our PM in makeing our Bharat swaach.
      we suggest that every taluka in our country should have atleast one garbage treatment plant either government or with public private partnership. This will provide much required support to the cleanliness drive.

    18. Jai sairam,
      Sai ram to Modi bhai.
      I am very happy for implementing Swachh Bharat project.
      Actually what happens max percentage of literate mass know and required clean. And they well known the Proverb “CLEANLINESS IS THE GODLINESS’.When all are doing nascence, so they are comped to do so or keep silence. It is personally find in train journey in north India.Truely speaking we want rigid administration to divert the path and educate cleanliness by putting some fines in every state wise, automatically news papers will highlights the matter immediately. When we are very afraid of payment of penalty, as we are not so sound in financial. Pl avoid to give the powers to police depatment. Every body knows what about the dept and using powers for self concentration.First start the cleanliness in offices and medicals( Hospitals) mainly, it leads to awareness to extend to remote village levels.So it is not much more expense and immediate implementation. We can’t compare with other countries as we are more population with percentage low education .
      I Pray LORD to help my dearest to progress and achieve grand success

    19. Much as we take care for our personal surroundings and whatever else we can,I find we do not have a waste disposal from the governments side. Consequently every small city has piles of garbage everywhere. Whoever is elected has to take responsibility for providing a structure for a swatch Bharat. Mere talk and sloganism won’t achieve what you have set out to do.

    20. ‘Cleanliness out’ reflects ‘cleanliness in’. Nowadays we’re optimistic that people at mass will adopt right activities in this direction in near future. Government should provide with continuously innovative material and motivational drive.

    21. Clean India is a daunting project to succeed. The hardles are many. The most difficult is to make the habit of cleanliness a way of life for the poor who remains hungry all day. Teaching cleanliness in a poor country with so high population density and population control remaining in the hands of god is a challenge. The biggest change initiators are the parents. Unless the learning starts at the beginning of life, adopting such habits later is difficult. Seen people keeping burnt match sticks in the same box, along with cigarette butts for later disposal as machine like habit in clean countries. Cleaning of toilets is having serious issue of water shortage. Similarly littered streets with plastics needs vast collection vats and still more important is mechanized disposal of filled vats. Massive use of plastics in packages itself is a disposal issue. People need to make habit of carrying cloth bags instead of accepting plastic bag from shops. These plastic bags along with pan masala, gutkha and other pouches packets are spoiling city drainage system. If we try to go to the root of Genesis of garbage, the totality of the issue can be seen very gigantic and involves bread earning of poor in these industries. However a start has to be made and may be with providing water to all public toilets.

    22. i am a cardiologist and have been invloved in a number of PILs for the betterment of the city. U need to have a nodal officer for each suburb and give the reponsibility to these nodal officers and make them accountable.
      u need to have public spirited citizens to be as watchdogs and a public / mun/govt interface to implement the policies. Otherwise a lot of money is wasted in poor implementation.
      eg Mumbai has 21 wards make the ward officer a nodal officer and the have three or four citizens from each ward as the swacha ward committee, which will meet once a week or fortnightly. citizens can complaint online and the complaints have to be attended within 48 hours.
      This campaign has to be taken on a war footing with strict imposition of fines. I am chairman of Pestom sagar citizens forum and am willing to initiate it for chembur. u can google my name for the work I have done in the last 30 years.

    23. Mr PM
      Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan is a crying need for the country. This should have been launched 50 years ago. Unfortunately the lifestyle of our village population , unbridled rural migration to Urban areas, lack of Civic sense and defunct / highly corrupt local Civic agencies etc have led to current situation where the entire cities look like a big garage dump and rural areas resemble a big open toilets.
      In my opinion a carrot and stick approach must be adopted to enforce cleanliness.Reward the people who observe and help in maintenance of cleanliness and on the other side , impose heavy penalties on people violating the rules. All the penalties collection should go to swaccha mission funds .
      It know that it is not easy to change the habits and mindset which has crept in since last so many decades but a continuous leadership push , political Will can bring the situation around.

    24. Please introduce necessity of cleanliness first from the primary Education starting through children as a mandatory subject to each and every school of India including Madrasa! Let this be as a subject of continuous 10-Years.
      In parallel, for Adults who brought up without such education, introduce fine system provided there are suitable system such as garbage box etc. in place. This is very basic rule/infra provided/maintained in most of the civilized clean countries.
      We have to make cleanliness as a habit through long term changes. I hope Mr. PM able to do this in a long run.

    25. Dear Sir,
      There were lots of local circles for various topics and requested comments and suggestions from various people/experts etc. A white paper used to be prepared and submitted to concerned ministry. I had contributed a lot in various topics then but noticed hardly anyone even attempts to read the same and many a times suggestions prepared on white paper were of very routine, theoretical one and which may never in practise. Hence I stopped the exercise after almost 2 years considering my waste of time with zero result.
      Regarding Swatch Bharat I have very simple and short suggestion which was also suggested then but…

      As per my observation if anyone looks at any convent school from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Mumbai to Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) similarly if anyone looks at church in the same region, all these places are very clean and well maintained. We just need to replicate these methods in other parts of country and in other areas. Today Central Govt gives very high amount towards these efforts but our complex procedures like Central Govt. to State Govt. then to concerned Ministry, concerned districts, corporations, municipality, tendering system, L1 criteria, minimum 3 tenders, carteling in tendering system, contractors exploiting their workforce and paying them less, ground workers morel, interest, avoid work for peanut salary, chalta hai attitude, cuts at various levels etc. do not generate the right results and there are hardly any returns compared to investment. In addition to this hurdles created by opposition is added in the trouble. Hence we feel today that there is hardly any progress even after 3 years and spending a lot in this activity.
      Housekeeping and swachh bharat concepts need to be impregnated right from the primary school including madrasa to cultivate good and disciplined habits in children. The experts of church and convent school who are directly responsible for maintaining their campus clean must be consulted by local authorities and involve them if necessary with certain incentive and honour to them to ensure this investment fruitful in this area. If necessary some rules, laws and procedures need to be changed must be changed immediately.
      It is also observed that wherever there is congestion of locality, roadside eating stall, hawkers etc. such areas are usually dirty. Somehow many enjoy in such atmosphere. In order to make free air available to everyone the distances between the buildings need to be more. Since many cases this can not be implemented now but we need to change in laws of minimum road width not less than say 200′ distance between 2 houses right at Panchayat level so that when Panchyat becomes town, city, metro, corporation it will change the outlook of the place in future. It will also help to maintain area very clean.

    26. Sir, this is only possible with some rules. From ages people are used to throwing garbage and dump on the public places..they ll not change this habit till it is not imposed. I m ready to join the team and work for nation

    27. “Be the Change you want to see” said Gandhi. “Survival of the fittest” said Darwin. Change is the only constant thing. These also have changed, Today we must “See the change you want to be” and “Survival of the fastest”. Unless we see the change and get emotionally attached to the change, we will not change. Once you see he change, we will start “BELIEVING” that we can make a change. Unless we shake our belief system, nothing will change. Also our media must start sharing positive messages about Swach Bharat. Everyday in Bangalore news paper, I invariably see a photo showing piles of garbage. If the media starts showing areas that are now clean, and start propagating the positivity, it is possible to make a change in our mindset. As rightly said our honorable PM, all of us collectively must bring in this change.

    28. Lesson of Cleanliness must be taught from the School level, starting at Home first, then Building, Lane and it will spread. Appoint Lane wise few Senior Citizens to make Awareness and Benefits of Cleanliness to the Society, and there by Nation. I have a Plan to Produce a Children Film which will not only Guide Children but Parents and Teachers as well. I will be glad to serve Nation with Best of my ability.
      Kaivalya Rajendra Shah

    29. Respected PM Sir
      I fully agree with your views. However I would like to suggest you one thing. In US and Some other developed countries all the house owner has to keep clean the area of about 10 to 15 feets outside their residence till the main Road. This is compulsory for all and diring snow fall, elder people who can not clean the path them selves , hires school children or some needy people by paying them, this amt is utilised by these students to purchase books etc. We should also think of such arrangement so people will keep clean the area outside their homes themselves and this will help the authority to provide manpower for other important things.
      Thank you

    30. Cleanliness has to be established by multi fold aspects .
      1.People need education which must be given from the age of beginning of education and the habit should be impressed upon each and every child .
      2.The elected representatives at all levels like gram panchayat ,corporation ,state and central -should give importance to cleanliness .This is not happening .In our area (Pune ) where we do our business (which is at international level) we are really ashamed of the dirtiness we have to face in surrounding .We tried to contact political figures elected from here but they are useless .
      3.There is no system for disposal ,no dust bins nothing .People are disposing industrial and other wastes on road side and there are hips of garbage which is not being removed for months .There is no any system /place where people should dispose this garbage .They may also be helpless .
      4.Revers and water flows are full of garbage .It is really painful to see this .
      5.We feel Swachh Bharat scheme has not changed the situation and there are no hopes .There is no will to change either in politicians or in “sawaso karod deswasi” Where the money collected for scheme is? The cleanliness is out of our reach .
      6.Privatization to good companies like TATA in this area will be a good try and people will pay more for this work if they are getting clean surrounding .
      7.One day cleaning by calibrates and money spent on those advertisement has proved a foolish experiment .
      8.Save India from garbage ,save our lives and save from the shame we experience being residents of India .We are ready to do anything for this but somebody should take leadership .

    31. No amount of fine or punishment can stop littering. Has rap or other crimes stopped. The mindset of people will have to change. And also to stop saying govt. to do this. Its time to realise our duty.

    32. We the citizens of India strongly support the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. I am a senior professor located in Bhopal. We have designed many awareness programs and activities in support of this through our student community.We have several social work drives and save environment programs and students wholeheartedly participate in the same.
      Though the efforts are made from the teaching fraternity, it is pathetic to see the IMPLEMENTATION by the local authorities. Though Bhopal ranked 2nd in the survey of clean cities, in my locality the garbage is littered outside the containers. In a civilized society, it is the duty of the local government to provide us with the drainage and garbage disposal. Our local representative Mrs Kalpana Rai has done nothing to improve the drainage, encroachment of drainage and proper disposal of garbage. All our requests and representations have no effect on her deaf ears. And she is our elected candidate from BJP.
      This is the irony of the situation that people from the ruling party at the rock bottom level are passive for these drives. They will click photographs and make false claims but the ground work is yet to be implemented. If this is the situation in the capital of the state, god knows what may be the case at other levels?
      Please do the performance appraisal of these elected candidates and we must have some punishment for their non performance and implementations.
      We at our level are enlightening the youth of India and promoting the schemes of the Government but there is something very wrong at the implementation levels. I could have sent a video in support of my claim but I donot know where to send it.
      I hope that our outburst is communicated to right person. We also are awaiting the most talked over garbage disposal plan for Bhopal and surrounding areas for electricity generation. Sue the people responsible for this delay as they are the villains who jeopardize the government plans.

    33. We all people of India should work together to keep our surroundings clean. We appreciate the initiative of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. All NGO’s and public should be called once every weekend to clean surrounding public areas to bring about awareness in the public without being ashamed or considering personal dignity. India can be kept clean by making civic workers also realizing their duties through awareness programmes and counselling at their office levels.

    34. We 125 crores indians will do the swatchha and also will give the swatchha tax.
      Then what swatchha tax will go where???? very strange logic.. do the swatch and give the tax for swatchhata abhijan…

    35. Sir,
      What will happen if a few more national holidays such as that of Gandhiji’s Birth Day on Oct.2 be converted into work-days and the nation as a whole takes to cleaning around on such days ?
      Let there be enough of funds earmarked and we should ensure that money is not wasted in any way.

      • Every individual have to perform his duty towards swachh Bharat Abhyaan. Why politician or Govt. Servant should start first. Charity begins at home and ends with Universe. Let us start infividually without pointing at others. Let us start ourself first.

        • Every individual have to perform his duty towards swachh Bharat Abhyaan. Why politician or Govt. Servant should start first. Charity begins at home and ends with Universe. Let us start infividually without pointing at others. Let us start ourself first.

    36. When the efforts are only on advertising and number game, this is bound to happen. The basic infrastructure is in shambles across the country. No corporation, Panchayat is ready to listen and governments are not bothered. Involve people and make them stake holder by empowering them to take up things in their localities, the. See it will work. Mere sermons and sugar coated slogans shall not help anytime. If you want faster delivery on ground, involve all

    37. I am in mumbai and its seems impossible to clean this city coz of population.

      We have less workers and equipments.

      We should start a drive where there should be an online portal where we can update pics of the places where garbage left and not picked up by workers.

      I have seen lot of places where dustbins are overloaded and garbage are spread on roads.

      Infact i thought to click the pics and sent it to Mr prime minister and Mr amitabh bachhan asking them what to do if you saw these things but i don know how to contact them.

      Do we have any link where we can contact them to update this kind of sitution.

      We need to seriosly take this matter otherwise its difficult to solve this problem.

      Also there should be a fine for spitting in public place.

    38. स्वक्षता हमारे अन्दर दिखनी चाहिए, बहार स्वह्तः साफ़ दिखेगा… अभियान कितना भी चला ले सिर्फ आर्थिक बर्वादी का नतीजा ही दिखेगा.. हर घर का कचड़ा बहार डाले जाते है, मंजूर है की उसी कचड़े पर चढ़ कर हम भी घर को जाते है….! जल हम भी पीते है मगर मिनिरल होता है, जो तरस जाते है दो घूँट को, मैली गंगा भी जीवन होता है….! जितना भी बदल सको इंसान को, आप भी इंसान ही होगे… खुद को खुदा कहता है वो, फिर क्या समझेगा वो इंसान , इंसान को…?

    39. Fully accepted and I support 100%.
      What is happening on industrial pollution which is causing more damages to the environment and livelihood.
      There are many rivers are mixed with industrial/factories wastage, there are huge air pollution. Why there is no system is place to control, what is the environment ministry is doing? Instead keep blaming the previous govt. the present govt. should have taken the necessary steps.
      While welcoming and supporting the Swachh Bharath, I request the Govt. to initiate the stringent warning and action to control the industrial pollution which is causing much more damage to the nation.

    40. My namascares to modiji. While every citizen in the country would say demonitisation, gst etc are nothing but control of cash flow but the reality is people still not understanding the true value of life even now. Development in towns are not sufficient but the urban development is equally important. How many doctors, professionals are ready to work in urban areas. Govt has to workout a strategy compulsorily work in urban areas atleast 2 years and see the difference. Irrigation, water supply, drainage, farmer development can only develop any nation. Where there is lack of importance to farmers you wont find real development in a country. I am 60 years old retired from mnc organisation and have seen many people in my life are talking/quoting more of essential commodities of water, food only. Pmji you have travelled many countries and you may given finger tip info on India’s development but the reality is different. I am not at all blaming any individual but give equal responsibility to all your teamates to work for the genuine​ developnlment of our country. Jai hind.

    41. Mr. PM I,m an Indian living in Mumbai. Since it is called as Commercial Capital of India, I would like to reiterate that the condition of BKC Bandra is so pathetic in terms of cleanliness that main roads are gleaming but approach road from Kurla is full of Human Shit and majority of migrants are still defecate on roads during 5 to 7 am every single day. Ideally local administration should make 12 -15 toilets for males and 7-10 for females. BUT, it is very difficult to approach to local governance. Neither any responsible corporator think positively n this matter nor any Bureaucrat so the solution is just lingering from decades. What is your suggestion on this matter.

    42. It is the need of the developed society. The ethos of cleanliness needs to be imbibed at home and education institutes in a strict and disciplined manner.Hence parents ,elders and teachers has to be strict in moulding young minds so far social ethos are concerned. The duties a, rights and responsibilities of citizens must be grooved in the younger generation. However dynamics of overpopulation of our country needs to be addressed. The development of towns needs to be freezed beyond certain limit keeping in mind the infrastructure available for the population to sustain. The public works department should be made accountable to maintain the basic infrastructure for the Swach Bharat. Traffic sense needs to be enforced and defaulters need to be checked and fined. Encroachments to public spaces needs to be taken care of by the governing bodies. It is a long drawn mission. I am confident that each citizen taking care of 10 persons will be sufficient to bring the change in coming years. Swach Bharat is not as a program , it is to be adopted as an attitude. Abroad these things are possible because dynamics of overpopulation are different. Law enforcement agencies and governing bodies must be held accountable for the works they are supposed to do.

    43. Dear Sir,
      We shall be more than happy to join the noble cause. Till date, we have been doing our bit and would love to extend our contribution. Kindly let us know , what is the next line of action.

      I suggest we post tickets on people who are found littering the ambiance with valid supporting. This is just a personal suggestion. You are free to discard it ,if found inconvenient.

      Thanks and regards,
      Indrani Nandi Deb

    44. Dear Publisher,
      I respect to every movement/ operations/ rules/ and low of the government, Our respected PM, is thinking about each aspect of citizen of India or Global Humans, we all respect to his thoughts.

      I think government should not west any type of money into it, only through coordination of Social bodies or each capable citizen of India should start movement of SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN, first of all their places where they living, working, gathering, then after to other places or outside the places.

      Every person of governments of concern department should strictly follow the Swach Bharat Abhiyan, First at their level or area then beyond of it, every Government bodies of India could be set an example of Swach Bharat Abhiyan, then every schools or educational organization, then slowly- 2, It will be great Movement of India.
      Media should not involved into Negative discussion of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, it will set bad impact into citizen of India at primary level. Example – if suppose if a school follows the Clean movement, then their student will involved into it, but Media will show that school’s students are cleaning office, wall, fields etc.
      so it should be not there. although school should keep attentions to every student.

      Let we are already involved into it. hope every Lerner will show attention on it.

    45. India has got thousands of Laws & Rules…But very few follow them…People have been used to Indiscipline & insensitiveness ,ranging from Walking in the streets,Using Washrooms,Splitting & open toilet culture..Take other areas like Using Mobile phones,Spoiling Public Transport & misuse & dont even know to stand in queue in bus stand(Mumbai is exception) ,Railway station, Cinema etc…Core problem is indiscipline…for last 65yrs nobody bothered….Things cannot be changed easily….will take a generation probably…..

    46. 1.Swatch Bharat mission is a positive idea but it can not succeed without effective planning and participation of people. We should call volunteers pay them considerable amount and make them responsible.
      2.GOVT should chalk out plan as to how every house hold garbage is collected by a central agency. It should be disposed off in that locality only either by composting and disposing of non biodegradable waste to Kabaadi.Dumping of waste in cities is bad idea.Let there be incinerator in small township also.
      3.There should be no scope for dispose of waste other than planned disposal.
      Hope some one will hear and act

    47. Dear PM Mr. Modi, You are talking of Swach Bharat ….. but one of your own Union Ministers was found Urina ting outside,it came on various tv channels !!!!!!!! Spend money for Swach Bharat. INDIA does not need Bullet Trains. Why do you want want to waste crores of rupees money for Bullet Trains when people are hungry and starving to death and lakhs of people are Jobless ???

    48. I was shocked to see d pathetic condition of govt office I mean how ppl can work in such dirty environment even dogs clean up the place whr they sit just disgusting I clicked pics of those rooms posted on my instagram act
      High time mindset has to be changed

    49. Please mera gao Raipur hai post – Sunamai, Distic- Aligarh uttar Pradesh hai mere gao ka bamba bahut hi dayniy condition mei h bambe ka, pani mere Gap tak Nani pahuch h bambe ki saphayi theek tarah se Nani hoti h meri Modi ji se nivedan h ki gap ka bamba pakka karaya jay taki phasal achchi ho Sake

    50. Is sweapers are doing their duties properly,are officers doing their duties properly .they are getting salaries for cleaning are they cleaning properly .only they work few hours.theycanclean roads effectively.roadsides are dirty collecting dust.broken roads with water collection is this people work to repair.first officers has to do their work properly and sincerely with training and survilence.cleaning is not a rocket science if Singapore can do WY cannot we .no dustbin in proper distance ,cities are dirty garbage collection,road broken,mosquitoes,no quality ,no proper plants people throw garbage on road fine them .spitting ,panpeek Theydont listen .strictly fine them they have habit of doing this .

    51. Sir,

      I am form Chennai and today if there is an outbreak of Dengue in Tamilnadu its because of the lack of attention paid to cleanliness by the State Govt. No proper drainage systems and no periodic clearance of garbage are done. My suggestion to the Govt. is please privatize sanitation and India’s dream of Swatch Bharat will turn a reality. Also as suggested by our Prime Minister Mr. Modi penalities should be imposed for violation of Swachh Bharat. Thus we will not only have a clean India but a healthy India too.

    52. 100% involve this swachh bharat abhiyaan 2012 se swachhta mins safai karta hu cricket ground anuragnagar sutrapada n my duty area.

    53. Dear Sir,

      As no action from local or state or central government swatch Bharat mission. Only on 2 Oct it is not a day it is everyday process. You are not deploying agency for Garbage dump pickup or cleaning taking swatch Bharat cess. We stay in pune even citizen charter portal of Times of India garbage are not clear. Modi government is doing same as other government just on paper. You have officer and staff just follow which is not happening. Lastly what to say Bharat bhagya Vidhata.

    54. Dear Sir,
      It is indeed a great cause. How far we are successful in achieving the target ? I think local corporators and council members should be visiting the related public places and oversea how the cleanliness drive have been maintained. They should make it a point to visit public hospitals & municipal schools once in a month and monitor how the project has been implemented. In the process they can involve school children as volunteers for at least visit the local railway stations once in a while and educate the public regarding cleanliness. This should be done without any political prejudices. We can sea in railway platforms somebody collecting Rs.1 for keeping the toilets clean. But the toilets still are very unhygienic as the person does not know how to keep it clean. For him pouring water and disinfectant is enough. But actually the area should be kept dry as well or bacteria spreads in wet patches. Children should be made aware of these facts so that at least new generation will be more conscious. Other wise our cleanliness drive will end up as photo-ops with out generating the desired effect.

    55. Sir,
      The PM’s initiative is indeed a very noble one , despite all attempts to politicise it. After retirement from Army I have tried to do my little bit in this regard in my native place, North Paravur, Ernakulam District, Kerala State.
      While the people are educated civic sense is totally lacking.
      Social responsibility and civic sense needs to introduced from elementary school level. In Kerala State public dustbins / segregated waste collection centres not exist. Consequently waste is deliberately strewn at public places, thrown in vacant plots , water bodies etc.
      Request PM not to grant any funds under Swachh Bharatprogram until the State Government installs the same and pass legislation to ensure their placement and cleaning

    56. Strict rules and fine have to be implemented otherwise there is no use. Indian citizens have been brought up like that, seeing garbage and such unhygienic things around them. They are used to these things from their very childhood. Importance of hygiene and other programs must be implemented in schools first.

    57. Swachh Bharat Campaign is good initiative started by our prime minister Narendra Modi, we have to support it and work for it then it can be succeed.

    58. To
      Municipal Corporation Of Delhi
      Nangal Raya,

      Sub: Installation of street light & Breakage in Water Pipeline in Sehyogi Park

      Dear Concern,

      This is with reference to the above mentioned subject, we would request you to install street light in the Sehyogi Park in Nangal Raya as there is no such facility of the light in that place. Also the connection of water pipeline has also been damaged by the MCD personnel, due to which we face many problems.

      We hereby request you to do the needfull.

      Thanks in anticipation

      Yours Faithfully

      Dipesh Mehndiratta
      (R/o Nangal Raya) New Delhi

    59. Sir
      This is Suresh belongs to Bhubaneswar.
      Science 2 years I was working with an Ngo.
      It’s not our fault/ government.
      It’s slow just because of pc.
      So please work on this.
      I think it’s a good result we get.

    60. Dear Mr.Prime Minister,

      I, as a young citizen of India, very much appreciate your initiative to make our Country a cleaner and hygienic place to live. As we all know, Swach Bharath mission is indeed not a “one man’s” job. India being the second most populated country in the world with a very high population density, I understand that it is not an easy job to manage our people and their flaws. Our country is diverse through everything be it culture or be it awareness. The standard of living, understanding and practising is so diverse that Swach Bharath mission can achieve its target by a 50 percent input from the population of our country and the other 50 percent from the government. It might be impossible to outreach this mission to every citizen of India. One quick way to achieve the targets and goals set in Swach Bharath mission could be “Waste Management technology”.

      1. Giant vacuum cleaners could be developed in India and used to clean the streets instead of using brooms, this might be a quick way to clean streets in India with the available manpower in the waste management sector. Government servants who collect waste can be trained and taught to operate the machine in order to get the work done. This will also increase the interest among the servants who collect waste, as they are humans who work too. Developing such technology will also increase job opportunities and the economy in return.
      2. Regular maintenance schedule could be arranged for streets by the corporation and a proper supervision could be undertaken by the government (OF COURSE, IT REQUIRES UNCORRUPTED WORKERS ON FIELD TO ACHIEVE THIS TARGET)
      3. Bins could be placed for every 100 m distance on a road.

      These could be few first steps in motivating people to work towards and support the Swach Bharath Mission, this will also increase the awareness as when these ideas are being executed the urge to maintain a cleaner society would naturally sink into every Indian’s routine.

      I believe that people in our nation need a government that motivates the population of our Nation through action. This way most of the liability to achieve the Swach Bharath mission will not just be in the hands of the million people in our nation but also with the government. An equal share and it could be done right. Hence I would kindly request you to develop the waste management technology sector of our nation while creating awareness.

      I would also like to say that “I DO SUPPORT YOUR VISION FOR A CLEANER AND HYGIENIC INDIA”. Can’t wait to see Our beautiful nation spic and span 🙂

      Best regards and wishes.

    61. what about employment, acche din kab aayenge, 15 lakh account mein kab ayenge, mehngai kab kam hogi, Modi govt beef export mein number 1 beef export kab bandh karoge. gayya mayya ko maar kar doosre desho mein bhejto ho modi, logo ke paas khane ko nahi aur tum shochalye banane ki baat karte ho, lambi lambi mat pheko…

    62. Gandhi Ji ke hatyaro ka support karne wale desh ke gaddar, Dharm ke aadhar par batne wale desh ke gaddar. chote se issue par bas baat karte ho lambi lambi pekhte ho peku.

    63. Mr. Modi, you are running this government only for the rich not to the 80% middle/poor!
      Unfortunately I am also was the one who liked heavily and voted for your government very stupidly because of the congress’s limitless criminal uzhal ( corruptions)!
      Following are the few Egs that your are very bad to common public like me:
      1.your total negligence of farmers struggle at Delhi!
      2. Your unilateral decision of implementing GST that affects only consumers not any producers that rised all the price further!
      3. Your bloody demonetization that allowed rich and fraudulent, for e.g. like Reddy brothers who is close associate of your ministry, who weared crores of new notes and spent many crores for their family marriage, while all other common public were struggling for money and dead even!
      4.And your team said that the demonetization is for eradicating black money, but you introduced further higher value 2000 note to make comfort for your like politicians/ dishonest industrialist to accumulate further comfort!!!
      5. Your cruel and brutal >150 % tax on petrol that keeps the cost of living at always at higher level!
      6. While election, election commission ceased money from public where as our Ex CM, Jayalalithe has shown many containers standing at her hill estate that was not cared by your team, and even 3 of the are made escaped by your team is a intolerable shame to your honest of governance!!!
      7. For the hope of growing your party in TN, you protect the looters government of ADMK at my state that clearly proves that you are not against corruption as we assumed while voting for you dear Modi.
      8. And unfortunately you use CBI like office to keep control of your enemy politician instead of eradicating corruption at our nation.
      9. Your implementation of Hindi to our state, by using your office with our tax money! FYI., My language TAMIL is many thousands year old and rich in values, where as your Hind is few hundred years old and comparatively not so rich ,still you want us to forget our language and follow your poor Hindi is another sham full activity of your governance Mr. Modi!
      Thus I can keep saying lot other disliked action that I hate to see you again as my PM for our great nation!

    64. Mr. Modi, you are running this government only for the rich not to the 80% middle/poor!
      Unfortunately I am also was the one who liked heavily and voted for your government very stupidly because of the congress’s limitless criminal uzhal ( corruptions)!
      Following are the few Egs that your are very bad to common public like me:
      1.your total negligence of farmers struggle at Delhi!
      2. Your unilateral decision of implementing GST that affects only consumers not any producers that rised all the price further!
      3. Your bloody demonetization that allowed rich and fraudulent, for e.g. like Reddy brothers who is close associate of your ministry, who weared crores of new notes and spent many crores for their family marriage, while all other common public were struggling for money and dead even!
      4.And your team said that the demonetization is for eradicating black money, but you introduced further higher value 2000 note to make comfort for your like politicians/ dishonest industrialist to accumulate further comfort!!!
      5. Your cruel and brutal >150 % tax on petrol that keeps the cost of living at always at higher level!
      6. While election, election commission ceased money from public where as our Ex CM, Jayalalithe has shown many containers standing at her hill estate that was not cared by your team, and even 3 of the are made escaped by your team is a intolerable shame to your honest of governance!!!
      7. For the hope of growing your party in TN, you protect the looters government of ADMK at my state that clearly proves that you are not against corruption as we assumed while voting for you dear Modi.
      8. And unfortunately you use CBI like office to keep control of your enemy politician instead of eradicating corruption at our nation.
      9. Your implementation of Hindi to our state, by using your office with our tax money! FYI., My language TAMIL is many thousands year old and rich in values, where as your Hind is few hundred years old and comparatively not so rich ,still you want us to forget our language and follow your poor Hindi is another sham full activity of your governance Mr. Modi!

    65. मान्य महोदय,
      सफाई बहुत एहम चीज है| सबको इस पर ध्यान देने की जरूरी है|नहीं तो बीमारियाँ फैलेंगे|सिर्फ सफाई कर्मचारियों पर निर्भर रहना अनुचित है|हमारे आजुबाजू की सफााई हमारा फर्ज बनता है|किसीको इस विचार पर नजर अंदाजी करना जुर्म के समान होता है|कूडा मानव जाति को शोभा नहीं देता|हम इस पर ध्यान नहीं फेरे तो हम जानवर के मुकाबले में भी तुच्छ दिखायी देते हैं|

    66. Cleaning city comes as next step when we consider the safety, because if people are safe in our country then we will think about the welfare of our country but if we are only not safe, then leave about cleaning or any other things, so please take rightful or a workable step for ‘WOMEN’S SAFETY’, there are huge number of rape or kidnaps taking place in our country, please take a proper measure on that, just see the reports & compare the ratios of past & present condition of women in our country, BETI BACHAO BETI PADHAO Yojana is a good scheme but first consider the situation of girls alive then will think about protecting the baby girl when she’s born & even when she is safe then we will think about studies because small kids around 4-5years are being raped & no proper step is taken for that or no punishment is being given to the rape convicts, including boys aren’t safe in this country, please do the rightful….

      Thank you
      Yours Faithfully
      A responsible citizen
      of this country

    67. First of all concern authorities like Panchayat ( in villages) Municipalities (in Towns) Corporations ( in Metros) should do their duties of cleaning the areas allotted to them promptly on daily basis. The Citizens should be instructed to keep their environment clean. In case they violate the rules like throwing wastes other than dust bins provided , not using the toilets and any other activities indulge in spoiling atmosphere , they should be levied heavy penalty like systems prevailing in other developed countries.only this will work in the long run. In Tamizh we have the saying “மயிலே மயிலே இறகு போடு என்றால் போடாது “( Peacock will not give it’s decorative feather if you simply ask for it)


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