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Tag: Unique Identification Authority of India

Aadhaar Card: What are the benefits of locking Aadhaar Card? Learn here

Aadhaar Card; UIDAI provides many facilities to secure Aadhaar. You can lock Aadhaar and the information contained in it. Aadhaar card is considered one of...

Aadhaar Card is real or fake check like this, very easy way

Aadhaar Card: Aadhaar can be used at any time. In such a situation it becomes very important for you to know whether the Aadhaar...

Big Aadhaar PVC Cards update: UIDAI launches new pocket friendly model with new security features

Aadhaar PVC Cards: Indian citizens can get their Aadhaar number reprinted on a PVC card with a normal fee of Rs 50 . ...

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