Take control of diabetes with the right and balanced diet, know how it will work


Diet control is very important in the disease of diabetes. Some things have to be sacrificed, while some have to be consumed inevitably. It is important to maintain this balance in catering. At the same time, there are many problems due to weight gain in diabetes patients. Along with reducing diabetes, weight control will also be controlled. According to myUpchar, there are three ways to control diabetes.

First- Regular exercise Second-
Weight control
Third- Taking right diet

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Know what should be taken care of food related to diabetes –

make distance from white food

Diabetes patients should avoid many white things like sugar, potato, rice, white flour (white flour), white bread, pasta. They contain a lot of sugar, which is very harmful for diabetic patients. Diabetes patients should also be protected from carbohydrate-rich foods, because carbohydrates increase the amount of glucose in the body, which increases the sugar level in the blood. Potatoes, rice and sugar have the highest amount of carbohydrates, so the more the diabetes patients stay away from these things, the better for their health. They can be eaten in small quantities in a few days, but do not take them at all in regular catering.

There is absolutely no fiber and protein in pasta and loaf

Talking about other white things, white pasta and loaf do not contain protein and fiber at all, but they contain more sugar. Due to excess of calories in all these things, weight gain occurs. Although calories are essential for energy in the body, its high amount increases fat. Instead of eating white rice, you can consume brown rice or red rice.

White sugar’s effect on resistance

White sugar makes the immunity of the disease weak. Excess intake of white sugar helps to increase cancer cells. White sugar increases the risk of many diseases like breast cancer, colon cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attack, stroke. Very little sugar should be taken in food. Also, those things, which are high in sugar content, should not be included in their diet.

Eat fruits and vegetables

According to Dr. Laxmidatta Shukla associated with myUpchar, diabetic patients should consume fruits and vegetables. All types of minerals, vitamins and fiber will be supplied from them. Some people think that fruits are high in sugar, so they also avoid eating fruits, but fruits contain natural sugar, which does not harm. Instead of consuming fruit juice, fruit should be consumed only. It also provides a lot of fiber and does not increase the sugar level.

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