Talk to 50 people in this way through Whatapp’s new messenger room service


New Delhi, Tech Desk. Facebook-owned instant messaging app Whatsapp keeps adding new features every day. Recently, new messenger room service has been added to Whatsapp. Through this new feature, up to 50 people can be talked at the same time. At present, due to the corona virus epidemic, most people are doing work from home. In such a situation, this new feature will help users a lot to connect with their office colleagues or friends. Through this, communication gaps between friends and acquaintances can be filled, because due to corona virus people are getting out less and less. Due to which the people-to-people mix has reduced. In such a situation, this service is going to help people a lot.

Now you must be thinking how to use this new service? To use this new service, first you have to create a room. Only then you will be able to connect with your friends and acquaintances. To create a messenger room, it is important that you have a Facebook account. Also, you should download the latest version of Messenger on your smartphone. After this you will be able to create Messenger Room.

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Create like this

According to the FAQ page of Whatsapp, to create a messenger room, first open Whatsapp and after that you will have to go to the Call tab. After going to the Call tab, you will see the option of Create Room. After clicking on it, go to the Messenger option and click on Continue. By doing this, it will redirect you to the Messenger app or Messenger website through a mobile browser. This is because this feature works outside Whatsapp. Then tap on try it.

You have to tap on Create Room as soon as you tap on Try It. After which enter the room name. After this you click on send link on WhatsApp. After this, WhatsApp will re-open again. As soon as WhatsApp re-opens, you can add your contact to it. If you want to share the link of this messenger room with someone, you can go and share in group chat.

Creating a room in the Facebook Messenger app is quite easy. For this, you have to go to the People tab. Here you will see the option to create a room. Once the room is created, then you can invite it to your messenger room by sharing its link with your friends, friends etc. In this way you will be able to connect up to 50 people simultaneously via video call.


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