Tax saving FD Plan : Invest more in these banks, including IndusInd and IDFC, if you want more interest on tax saving FD


DCB Bank is paying 6.95% interest on tax saving FD
IndusInd and IDFC Bank are offering 6.75% interest on tax saving FD

These days if you are planning to invest somewhere to save income tax, then you can invest in Fixed Deposit (FD) for tax saving. A tax exemption of up to Rs 1.5 lakh can be taken under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act on investments in 5-year FDs. Many banks are paying more than 6.50% interest on tax saving FD. We are telling you about some such banks, where you will get great interest on tax saving FD if you invest.

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What will be the return on investing 1 lakh rupees?

Bank What is the amount (Rs) How much interest will be received (Rs)
DCB Bank 139,927 39,927
IndusInd Bank 138,624 38,624
IDFC Bank 138,624 38,624
post office 138,299 38,299
RBL Bank 137,008 37,008
Yes Bank 137,008 37,008
Axis Bank 130,696 30,696
ICICI 130,696 30,696
SBI 130,077 30,077

What is section 80C?

Section 80C of the Income Tax Act is actually a part of the Income Tax Law, 1961. It mentions investment channels in which investment tax income tax exemption can be claimed. Many people start investing to save tax before the end of the financial year.


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