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Terrence Lewis is pointing wrong after seeing Malaika Arora’s waist, watch video

A video of Malaika Arora dancing is going viral. In this video, Terence is making such gestures looking at Malaika that you will be shocked.

New Delhi: Malaika Arora is judging the reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer Season 2’ these days. Apart from Malaika, Terence Lewis and Geeta Kapoor are also judges on this show. Every day some video keeps coming from the set making fun of these stars. But now seeing the video that has surfaced, you will say how Terence Lewis is making such gestures by looking at Malaika’s waist.

Did this by coming on stage

In this video you will see that Malaika Arora and Terence Lewis are on stage together. The music plays and Malaika starts dancing. But as soon as Terence, who is busy in his dance, falls on Malaika’s waist, then he starts making such gestures, seeing that you may also be ashamed.

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Terence leaves his dance in the middle and sees his waist

Terence Lewis is doing his dance first. But as soon as he looks back, forgetting his dance, he starts looking at Malaika’s waist. After that they start making strange gestures.

Seeing Malaika’s waist, she did the same dance herself

In this video, Malaika is seen only moving her waist. Terence stops looking at Malaika and then starts moving his waist like her. After this both of them look into the camera and start smiling.

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Malaika was seen wearing a neon colored dress

In this video, Malaika was seen wearing a very glowing neon colored dress. To complete her look, Malaika had a high pony. Along with this, she did light make-up which suits her look a lot.



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