The asteroid will pass between the moon and the earth tomorrow, know how likely it is to collide


On September 1, the 20–40-meter-wide asteroid 2011 ES4 will pass close to the Earth in the coming month. Its distance from the Earth is currently estimated at 1.2 lakh kilometers, i.e. it will be very close between the Earth and the Moon. But the chances of it hitting the earth are slim. According to NASA, the relative speed of this asteroid is about 8.16 kilometers per second. It will pass the nearest of the asteroids passing near the Earth for the next decade.

The asteroid was discovered in 2011. At that time, scientists were only able to monitor it for four days. It takes 1.14 years to complete one round. Its orbit with the Earth only brings it closer to us once in 9 years. However, its route will still be quite different and there is no threat to Earth or any artificial satellite attached to it.

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According to data from NASA’s Jet Laboratory, this asteroid has passed close to the Earth 8 times since 1987, but this time it will pass the nearest one.

Earlier, in 2011, it passed through the nearest Earth on 13 March. At that time it passed 4,268,643 km from the earth. This time it will pass only 29376 kilometers. The asteroid is officially named 2011 ES3. It is being told that an asteroid named only 2032 DB will pass from the same distance to Earth in the year 2032.



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