The God of destruction is coming very close to the earth, the picture is exposed to the world


The god of destruction, the third most dangerous asteroid Apophis, is coming very close to the earth and its first picture has also come in front of the world. According to NASA scientists, on March 6, this asteroid will pass near the Earth. Astronomers have captured this monocidal asteroid from a distance of about 15 million kilometers with the help of virtual telescopes.

According to the Virtual Telescope Project, after 8 years of monitoring, a picture of Asteroid Apophis has been successful. Apophis is considered the Greatest of all potentially dangerous asteroids. About 370 meters wide, this rock is in danger of hitting the earth in 48 years.

NASA scientists have very little possibility of this. The Apophis asteroid will pass close to the Earth on March 6 and a live telecast of the 24-hour asteroid Apophis will be broadcast live on the Virtual Telescope Project. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous rocks in the solar system, a destructive asteroid.

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Astronomers at the University of Hawaii have reported that this asteroid is growing rapidly and that it may hit the Earth in the next 48 years. However, NASA scientists are monitoring its every move. The powerfulness of this asteroid can be gauged from the fact that if it hits the earth, it will have the same effect as an explosion of 88 million tons of butter. This Apophis asteroid, which brought Greatness, means in Greek, the god of Shatabahi.

Asteroid Apophis will pass a distance of about 16 million million kilometers from Earth next month. The orbital path of the asteroid will not be affected due to the distance traveled. Asteroid apophyses can be easily seen with a telescope. This giant rock will pass even closer to the Earth in the year 2029.

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