The villain of Bollywood, who used to lose his hero, left an insurance company job for acting


Today is Amrish Puri’s birthday anniversary (Amrish Puri Birthday).

Mumbai. Amrish Puri was the actor who aroused fear in the hearts of film lovers for long years with his tall stature, dangerous voice and strong personality. He has played many roles of strong villain in the film. When Amrish Puri was seen with the hero on the screen, even the biggest actor was seen to fade in front of him. Today is the birth anniversary of the same ‘Mogambo’ of Bollywood (Amrish Puri Birthday). He may have said goodbye to this world 15 years ago but due to his brilliant acting, he is still alive in the hearts of people.

Simran’s ‘Babuji’ or even Mr. India’s ‘Mogambo’ … Amrish PuriPlayed many memorable roles in his life. He was recognized as the biggest villain of Bollywood. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, we will tell you, some special things related to his life. Do you know that Amrish Puri gave almost two decades of his life to an insurance company before coming to Bollywood. He worked as an employee of an insurance company for two decades.

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At the same time, he quit his job for 21 years to come to Bollywood and for his acting love. He was fond of theater for a long time but could not get any special opportunity. There came a time when he also got a play and he was also recognized as a famous theater artist. After this, he worked as an assistant to writer director Satyadev Dubey.

Amrish Puri got his first break in films in the year 1971 … This year his film ‘Reshma Aur Shera’ came in and the acting of Amrish Puri received tremendous praise. After this, Amrish Puri never looked back. Gradually, he became an immortal character in the world of villains. When his dialogue Mogambo became happy, he climbed on the tongue from children to old men.



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