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These 4 investment options are better for employed people, there will be big profits

Often employed people are confused about where to invest their money. Where, when and how is it right to invest?

Experts believe that as soon as starting a job, a person should start saving for his future. Whether the salary is more or less, something must be saved. Experts say that it would be better to invest money where you get double benefits. That is, with more profit, there should be tax savings as well. We are telling about some such investment options where you can invest your salary.Also Read:PM Kisan: Click here to see the list of PM Kisan beneficiary, you will get all the information

(1) Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Public Provident Fund ie PPF is a popular long-term investment option. It gives better interest along with safe investment. The interest rate on PPF has always been 7 percent to 8 percent. It may increase or decrease slightly depending on the economic condition. Currently, the interest rate on PPF is 7.1 per cent, which is compounded annually. The interest on small savings schemes such as PPF is reviewed by the government every quarter. PPF investment is tax free under EEE category. The interest earned will also be tax free and the maturity amount will also be completely tax free.Also Read:Big news for these employees doing work from home, salary will be cut by 25 percent!

(2) Gold 

Gold is also a better option for investment. There are many ways to invest in it like Gold ETF, Gold Coins, Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme. Gold ETFs and Sovereign Gold schemes are better in this as there is no fear of theft in this. Experts believe that investors should also invest a part of their investment in gold. This keeps his portfolio balanced.Also Read:BIG Offer: BSNL is giving Rs 300 discount on these plans to these users, see if you are also in the list

(3) Equity mutual fund

Experts suggest that salaried people should invest a part of their investment in mutual funds. It would be better to invest in Equity Mutual Funds through SIP in Mutual. In this, investors get the benefit of the boom in the stock market. Here you can start investing for less than Rs 500. Such investors who have started jobs can invest here. This is a good option for them.Also Read:Good News: These 33 services including learning license will be available from today sitting at home in Delhi

(4) Recurring Deposit (RD)

You can invest little by little in Recurring Deposit RD every month. This is a better option in terms of regular savings. Most banks have a minimum investment limit of Rs 500 in recurring deposits. In this, the interest rates of all are also different. SBI recurring deposit is giving interest from 5 to 5.4.Also Read: Free Jio phone Offer: Know all the features of this 4G phone, the company is giving the phone without taking any money


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