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This actress is the most beautiful in the world, forced to accept even science

Hollywood actress Amber Heard was in news recently due to a legal battle with Johnny Depp. Recently another news has come out about her, but this news is going to make the actress happy.

New Delhi: The title of the world’s most beautiful woman has been given to many beauties, but the name of Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan remains at the top of this list. This time this Hollywood beauty has snatched this title from Ash. This is none other than Amber Heard. Who was recently fighting a case of domestic violence with Johnny Depp. According to a research, the face of the actress has met every set parameter of science, after which Amber Heard has now joined the list of the most beautiful woman in the world.

Face Fits Science Parameters

According to a study by a UK-based cosmetic surgeon, Amber Heard’s face features, eyes, lips and face shape were analyzed. After which it was found in the result that his face is absolutely perfect.

According to media reports, British cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva, after studying, said that Amber Heard’s face matches about 91 percent of the set scale of science. Let us tell you that digital facial mapping technology was used in the research.

How is the parameter of beauty determined?

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva told that she did this research in the year 2016. In which the ‘Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty’ was used. People also know it by Phi. According to the information, about 12 main points of Heard’s face were researched in this process.

While talking to a US media outlet, Julian told that this formula was invented by the Greeks, it has been used for thousands of years to find the most beautiful faces in the world.

Johnny Depp was accused of domestic violence

Amber Heard was in the news recently because of the defamation case. After several days of legal battle, the Ember case was lost. Let us tell you that Amber Heard met Johnny in 2011 on the set of a film. Both had married each other in 2015, while both got divorced in 2017.

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