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This girl, seen in school uniform, beats fashion today, grabs headlines as soon as she leaves the house

Guess The name: This girl seen in this dress is today’s star. There is no such day on social media when they are not discussed and the style is such that the mind wanders after seeing it. Can you recognize who this is?

Urfi Javed: Tied hair, innocent smile. When this actress comes out of the house, she grabs all the limelight, especially for her dressing sense. So do you know who this is? No… so let’s just tell you. This is none other than Urfi Javed.

Urfi Javed beats fashion

Who is good in today’s era who does not know Urfi Javed. The moving fashion icon, Urfi Javed also overshadows the style. And why are we saying this, you must know very well. Urfi Javed loves to live in style and what she does in this affair is really different. That’s why she remains in the news the most. At the same time, this picture of Urfi seems to be from her school days because in this Urfi is seen wearing school dress and smiling.

Urfi’s childhood was full of difficulties

Urfi spoke openly about her struggle in an interview. She had told how when she was very young, her picture was put on a porn site, after which she was misunderstood in the family and due to this she had to face a lot of harassment. When Urfi grew up, she decided to live her life on her own terms and left everything and came to Mumbai. Here Urfi started working in TV. Luckily, Urfi also got a lot of work. She appeared in many popular TV serials but she got real recognition from Bigg Boss OTT. In which she stayed for only 1 week but this show worked to change her life.



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