Tips and Tricks: Save your data using WhatsApp, try these tips


WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: If you also want to save data while using Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp, then these tips will come to your work.

WhatsApp Tips & Tricks: Using Facebook’s instant messaging app WhatsApp, is there a question in your mind that if the data can be saved using the Wish app, then how good would it be for our news to you. WhatsApp is not only used for chat but also for sending media files, voice and video calls etc. and in such a situation a lot of data is consumed.

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We will tell you some ways through which you will be able to reduce WhatsApp data usage. Users using the WhatsApp Android app will have to make some changes to the settings.

Disable auto-download media files

Downloading of media files received on WhatsApp consumes a lot of data, not only that, it also slowly starts filling the phone’s storage.

Are you aware that the app also has a handy feature that can be used to automatically disable (auto-download) downloaded media files.

Photos, videos and other files received on WhatsApp will not be automatically downloaded after enabling this feature. Then you have to download the files manually.

This is the way

1) First of all go to the settings of the app.
2) Here you have to go to data and storage usage option.
3) After this you will see the option of Media Auto Download.
4) You will see two options, Mobile data and Wi-Fi.
5) After tapping on mobile data and Wi-Fi, photos, audio, video and document will appear written. Click on any option you want to disable.

Call quality

As we all know that you can make voice and video calls with the help of WhatsApp. Calling also consumes a lot of data, but the user can also reduce this data consumption if desired. The thing to note is that due to reduced data consumption, call quality will not be the same as before.

1) First of all go to the settings of WhatsApp.
2) After that go to the data and storage option.
3) After this, the call settings will be written on the bottom side.
4) In the call settings you have to enable the Low Data Usage option.

Chat backup

Whether it is media files or backup of chat and other things, it is also very important. If you wish, you can reduce the data consumption by disabling this option.

1) First of all go to the Settings section of WhatsApp.
2) After this you will get the chat option.
3) After tapping on the chat, you can disable chat auto backup.



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