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To test love, the couple tied themselves in handcuffs, after 123 days the chain was broken and the relationship also broke.

On Valentine’s Day this year, the couple tied themselves in handcuffs in front of the Unity statue in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. During this, they used to do everything together.

The relationship of a couple who tested their love by tying themselves in handcuffs lasted only 123 days. Eventually this couple got free from handcuffs and both of them broke up. Due to their unique experiment, this couple was discussed all over the world. This Ukrainian couple had clenched themselves in handcuffs to test their love but after 123 days both of them ‘failed’ in it.

Now both of them have broken up. Alexander and Victoria said after the handcuffs were cut that due to this unique experiment, both had to face many bitter truths. Both of them had taken the decision to be in handcuffs together. On Valentine’s Day this year, both of them chained themselves in front of the Unity statue in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

no couple should repeat such mistake
Since then, the couple used to do everything together. Whether to go to the bathroom or somewhere outside. Although Victoria initially opposed the idea, she later agreed with Alexander. After the end of their relationship, sad Victoria says that this is a lesson for couples in Ukraine and around the world that no one should repeat what we did.

Sharing his experience, he said that in these 123 days he felt the lack of his private time. Victoria says that her boyfriend did not take care of her while being tied in handcuffs. At the same time, Alexander has no regrets about his decision. He said that we realized that we did not think alike and were completely
different from each other .

Couple wants to auction handcuffs
According to Ukraine’s National Registrar of Records Vitale Zorin, Victoria and Alexander wore special clothes for convenience, which made them easy to put on and take off. There was a distance of only a few centimeters in his hands. They used to do everything together. The couple thought that they would support each other in handcuffs for three months. Although both of them were together for more than three months, but now with the breaking of handcuffs, their relationship also broke down.

The handcuffing of both was broadcast on news channels of Ukraine. The couple decided to auction their handcuffs online and donate the proceeds. Let us tell you that this couple has set a new record of being tied together in handcuffs.

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