Trump’s big move just before election, lottery system will end in H-1B visa selection


Washington, Pret . Just before the presidential election, the Trump administration has taken an important step towards H-1B visas to woo American professionals. It has decided to eliminate the computerized lottery system used in the visa selection process. A salary-based selection process is proposed in its place. This visa is issued to foreign professionals, which is very popular among Indians.

The US Department of Home Security (DHS) issued a notification on Wednesday regarding the proposed new procedure. This notification has been issued just five days before the presidential election. The department said that adopting a new process in place of the lottery system would help prevent the decline in salaries of American professionals. The salary-based selection process will help to better balance the interests of H-1B visa holders and American professionals. DHS Executive Deputy Secretary Ken Cachinelli said, “With this proposed rule, the Trump administration is consistently fulfilling its promises to protect the interests of American workers.” The H-1B visa program is commonly misused by US employers. Foreigners are being given jobs mainly through this visa.

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Let us tell you that on June 22, President Donald Trump issued an executive order, banning many visas including H-1B and L-1 till the end of this year. Trump has been consistently controlling H-1B visas since coming to power.

H-1B is popular among Indians

H-1B visa is very popular among Indian IT professionals. Through this visa, American companies employ highly skilled foreign workers. Every year 85 thousand visas are issued in different categories.


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