UPI Payment: Make online payment through UPI without internet, know the best way

Do you know that you can pay with UPI even without internet? Yes, there is also an offline mode, through which you can easily make UPI payments. Let’s know how…

New Delhi. Many times we face problem in making online payment through UPI. Most of the problems are caused by slow internet. But do you know that you can pay with UPI even without internet? Yes, there is also an offline mode to make payment through UPI. Meaning where there is no network or you do not have internet, then you will be able to pay through offline mode also. Let’s tell how…

Make payment through offline mode

UPI payments can also be made in offline mode using *99# USSD code. This mode was introduced for all mobile users. That is, you do not have to have a smartphone to use it. But, let us tell you that to make UPI payment through *99#, it is necessary to link your phone number with the bank account.

This is the only way

Although this feature has been present for a long time, but it is not so popular. Smartphone users use it only when internet is not available. But, *99# USSD is the only mode of UPI payment for feature phone users.

Make UPI payment without internet like this:

  • Make sure you phone numbers are linked to your bank account.
  • Open your phone’s dialer and after entering *99#, tap on the call button.
  • Then you’ll see a menu with lots of options. But, since we only need to send money, just press ‘1’ and send.
  • Through which select the option then you want to pay the receiver. For example, if you have a mobile number in front, then you have to select 1 here.
  • Enter here come the mobile number from which the receiver of the bank account linked.
  • The next amount, type and can send press.
  • Enter a remark about payment later.
  • Then enter your UPI PIN to complete the transaction.
  • will be completed Internet if your transaction without hereafter.
  • Let us tell you that UPI can also be disabled by using *99# only.
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