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Urfi Javed breaks silence on being compared to Rakhi Sawant, the reaction will be stunned!

Urfi Javed on compared with Rakhi Sawant: Urfi Javed participated in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ and Rakhi Sawant was a contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 15’.

New Delhi: There is no doubt that Urfi Javed and Rakhi Sawant are one of the most controversial celebs in the Indian television industry. While Urfi grabs headlines from day to day due to her strange fashion sense, Rakhi remains in the news due to her strange antics. Now when the two are being compared, Urfi has broken the silence on this.

What is urfi’s answer

Recently, when Urfi Javed was spotted by the paparazzi and asked for opinion on being compared with Rakhi, he said that he does not find anything wrong in comparing her with Rakhi Sawant, saying that it It is an honor for them. She also said that she finds Rakhi inspiring as she rose to fame after facing a lot of struggles in life.

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No one cares about rakhi

Talking about Rakhi, Urfi said, “Whatever she does, she doesn’t care about anyone. I mean today she is earning well for herself so I think she is an inspiration in many ways. I don’t mind comparing her, it’s really an honour. She came from zero and now she is where she is. I don’t mind comparing her, I don’t like to demean women.

Urfi on meeting Rakhi

When the paparazzi asked ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ contestant Urfi about her meetings with ‘Bigg Boss 15’ contestant Rakhi, she said, ‘Whenever we meet, we gossip a lot. We don’t discuss about trolls and negativity.

Recent separation

Recently, Rakhi Sawant announced her separation from husband Ritesh on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. On February 13, Rakhi shared a note on her Instagram account which read, ‘A lot has happened after Bigg Boss and I was unaware of some things which were out of my control. We have tried to work out our differences and work things out, but I think it is best that we both move forward amicably and we both enjoy our separate lives.’

Urfi had said this thing

In December 2021, Urfi Javed opened up about experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts in a social media post on Instagram, writing, ‘Failed career, failed relationships, any money made me like a loser’ Didn’t feel that he didn’t deserve to live. I still don’t have much money, successful career and I am still single but I have hope. The only reason I am alive today (trust me there have been many incidents in my life that almost killed me) is because I never stopped. I kept walking and I am still walking. I may not be where I want to be but at least I am on my way.



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