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Urfi Javed forgot to close the button wearing a reverse shirt, seeing people said – ‘Somebody close its buttons’

Mumbai. The Atrangi fashion sense of actress Urfi Javed, popularly known as Viral Airport Girl, is not taking its name to stop. Urfi, who came into limelight since Bigg Boss OTT, gets spotted in Mumbai wearing different or rather strange clothes every day. Another video of her has surfaced in this episode, in which she is wearing the shirt from the opposite side.

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In this video released by Instant Bollywood, it can be seen that Urfi is wearing a yellow shirt, but the buttons given in the shirt are not in the front but in the back. With this unusual style, Urfi is posing for the camera with sunflower flowers in her hair. During this, if you look at her dress, it is completely backless, seeing that it seems as if she is not wearing anything except a shirt.

A post shared by Urrfii (@urf7i)

Now as soon as this video went viral, people netizens have also started commenting. One user wrote – ‘Somebody tell madam the shirt has been turned upside down’, then another wrote, ‘Someone button it from behind’, another wrote – ‘She is wearing the shirt upside down and fashion will speak for it too’ .



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