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Urfi Javed gave such a befitting reply to those who were burning, it would be chilly as soon as they heard it

Urfi Javed New Video is grabbing the attention of the people. In this video, Urfi told such a thing to her burners that she might feel chilly.

Urfi Javed New Video: Urfi Javed is not only known for her peculiar fashion sense but she also grabs limelight because of her outspoken statements. Recently, when Urfi was imprisoned in the paparazzi’s camera, she told such a thing to the burning people, hearing that her face would definitely turn red with anger.

Was seen wearing only shirt

In this latest video, Urfi Javed was seen wearing a pink color T-shirt. However, this is nothing new for Urfi. She has been spotted on the road many times before this wearing only T-shirts.

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Gave this message to the fans

Paparazzi asked many questions to Urfi Javed. Paparazzi asked Urfi that when are you getting a new car now. Isn’t that an Audi? In response, Urfi said- ‘Wait just. I have to buy myself, there is no one to give gifts.’ After this the paparazzi said that what would you like to say to your fans who support you? In response, Urfi said- ‘Your mind is also bad and mine is also bad.’

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Said such a thing for those who burn

After this the paparazzi said that what will you tell those who are jealous of you? Urfi said- ‘Those who burn with me should go to the side.’

The hotel was reached in transparent pants

Earlier, Urfi Javed was seen wearing a purple color b*ik*ini with transparent pants. Along with this, to complete her look, high heels, earrings and hair were opened in the ears. In the video you will see that as soon as Urfi Javed entered the hotel, the people around started watching her. However, Urfi continued on her own tune and went to the lift. After this she immediately came out and started posing fiercely in front of the paparazzi.



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