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Urfi Javed showed bo*ld looks wearing a dress made of oysters, fans lost their temper after watching the video

Urfi Javed Bo*ld Outfits: Urfi Javed keeps making headlines with her unique looks. Recently, Hasina had left her clothes and painted herself with paint, while her photoshoot on the seashore became very viral.

Hotness Overloaded: We and you have seen so many colors of Urfi Javed so far. Fashion is such that the senses fly away on seeing it. Pay slaying on that too. Do not do Urfi, so little. Sometimes flowers and sometimes photos and sometimes clothes are made by painting the body with paint only. Hasina’s style is something like this. But the extent was reached when Hasina’s shame herself had to save the sea.

When Urfi wore a dress made of shells

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Urfi Javed always remains in the headlines for her dress. Because their outfits are as unique as they are and as bo*ld as they are unique. The special thing is that Urfi carries these outfits with full confidence. At the same time, on the seashore, Urfi showed some such style that people were stunned to see. These pictures created a lot of hue and cry on social media. What was it like in this outfit of Urfi, see for yourself in this video.

So you see how cool you are Urfi Javed… because only Urfi can show the courage it takes to wear this dress. When Urfi got this photoshoot done by Urfi, wrapping this visible cloth on herself, there was bound to be a ruckus on social media. But Urfi was told about something.

Got the body painted

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On the other hand, it seems that Urfi can go to any extent to stand out from the crowd. At least this look of hers that came out recently proves the same thing.

Urfi Javed recently left her clothes and painted herself with paint and whoever saw Urfi like this, she pressed her fingers under her teeth.

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Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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