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Urfi Javed started running after seeing this person, did such a disclosure, no one is sure

Urfi Javed is seen running in her new video. When the paparazzi asked Urfi the reason for this, after hearing the answer, the paparazzi could not believe it at all.

Urfi Javed New Video: Urfi Javed always remains in the headlines due to her dressing sense. But this time Urfi came running on camera and as soon as she came out, she said such a thing which no one could believe.

Came running

In this video you will see that Urfi Javed is first standing outside the building and posing. Suddenly she starts running out of the building. Everyone gets shocked seeing Urfi like this. After this, Urfi told such a thing to the paparazzi, knowing that she could not believe it at all.

the secret of escape

After this, Urfi Javed, running from the paparazzi standing outside, said that Shraddha Kapoor is inside. Paparazzi asked- ‘Sure.’ After this Urfi said- ‘I like Shraddha Kapoor very much, she is very cute. I could not meet her. How beautiful is she.’ After telling this, Urfi Javed sits in the car.

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T-shirt worn with shorts

Urfi Javed was seen wearing denim shorts paired with a black T-shirt in this video. To complete her look, Urfi has tied her hair in a ponytail. Along with this, light makeup was done.

Pieces of cloth were seen pasting

Earlier, a video of Urfi Javed became very viral. In this video, Urfi was wearing a one-piece with a thin strap. Wearing this white colored one-piece, as soon as Urfi came out of the house, her dress once again came into the limelight. The upper part of Urfi’s dress was made by cutting pieces of cloth which was attracting the attention of the people.

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Will get stuck on the cut

To make this dress bo*ld and revealing, Urfi Javed had cut the dress in such a place that people’s eyes were getting stuck on the cut more than the pieces of cloth. The reason for which is the appearance of Urfi’s undergarments. Urfi’s dress was cut in such a place at the front in which her under garments were clearly visible in the video. However, seeing Urfi, it seemed that she knew about this very well, only then she was posing fearlessly in front of the camera.



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