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Urfi Javed style is not easy to copy, girls get embarrassed seeing the revealing blouse of the actress!

Urfi Javed Blouse Design: Urfi Javed is known for her quirky style. There is always a discussion about her look. The actress is seen in such outfits that anyone can beat her forehead. You will be surprised to know that Urfi likes to wear sarees and she is also seen in sarees but her blouses are such that it becomes a bit difficult for common girls to carry her.

Urfi Javed showed her bo*ld look even on the occasion of Eid. Urfi’s strapless blouse was so revealing that it would dazzle anyone’s eyes.

In this photo, this outfit blouse of Urfi Javed is not visible from any angle. It looks like Urfi has carried the sari over the matching bra. These photos of the actress also became increasingly viral on social media.

Urfi Javed’s white and pink sari looked amazing in appearance, but people’s grandmother was remembered in counting the cut of the blouse that the actress paired with it. In order to make her blouse bo*ld, Urfi put some very big cuts in it.

You will be able to see Urfi’s love for floral sarees just by looking at her social media account. In this photo too, Urfi is wearing a blue and red floral sari and carries it with a red strappy blouse.

Urfi has also been seen without a blouse. Yes, Urfi was wearing a white and blue color saree in a photoshoot, but this time the amazing thing the actress did was that she did not wear a blouse on the saree.

When Urfi Javed was not even famous, this photo is from then. The size of the blouse of the actress is so small that it is not possible for any girl to wear it. The pallu swaying in the air from above is showing the style of Urfi very well.

Urfi Javed likes to experiment with her clothes, that is why he is seen in strange clothes every day. Urfi does not forget to experiment with her saree as well. The blouse of this saree is not only backless but its front cut is making this blouse more se*xy.

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Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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