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Urfi Javed took off her dress in the party, showed the bo*ldest style ever, watch the video

Urfi Javed Party Video: Urfi Javed once again reached the party with a different experiment with her look. Urfi has become so much upset with this dress in the party that she threw off her dress in the middle of the party itself.

Urfi Javed Bo*ld Video: Actress Urfi Javed dominates her bo*ld style more than one day. Now once again Urfi Javed reached in a very unique way to party late at night. Urfi Javed is known for her fashion sense, but this time no one can imagine the experiment that the actress has done. In this dress, Urfi herself was feeling so upset and uncomfortable that she took off her dress in the middle of the party.

Unique style is going viral

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Urfi has surprised everyone by wearing a dress made of glass. Urfi Javed, who does something new with her style every time, has worn a dress made of glass this time. Urfi Javed has appeared in a very unique style. As soon as the paparazzi saw her in this unique clothes, she started taking pictures of her, then Urfi said that no one should come near her.

The actress took off the glass dress

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When asked the reason for this, Urfi told that she is wearing a dress made of glass that too weighs about 20 kg. Carrying this dress was quite difficult but the fashion junkie Urfi once again surprised everyone with her style. However, in the rest of the videos of the party that have come out, Urfi is not wearing this glass shell. In such a situation, it is clear that after going to the party, Urfi took off her dress and then was seen dancing and having fun at the party in the outfits she wore inside.

Urfi javed fashion sense

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Let us tell you that Urfi Javed has become a different sensation on social media due to her fashion sense. Fans eagerly wait for every picture and video of the actress. And as soon as Urfi shares her latest look with fans, it becomes viral within minutes.




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