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Urfi Javed Topless Video: Users are furious after watching Urfi Javed’s topless video, only colorful flowers pasted on the body

Urfi Javed Topless Video With Flowers: Seeing the video of Urfi Javed that has come out now, you will also catch your head. This time Urfi has posed topless by sticking only colorful flowers on her body.

Urfi Javed comes wearing something like this every day that people hold their head and think that after all she takes so much risk. Urfi Javed till now was seen wearing a dress made of polythene and sometimes cotton candy, but now in the video that has surfaced, she is neither wearing any top nor any bra or bralette. Urfi Javed has gone topless and pasted only flowers on the body.

Seeing this video of Urfi Javed, people’s heads are baffled and they are furious. While he advised Urfi Javed to be a little ashamed, he also started asking to unfollow. One user even commented that these flowers should stick well or else the matter may get worse.

Some people praised and some got angry on Urfi Javed.

Although some are also praising this daring move of Urfi Javed and amazing confidence. Urfi Javed has shared this video on her Instagram account, which has been seen by thousands of people in a few hours.

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Urfi Javed debuted in 2016, got discussion with Bigg Boss OTT

Urfi Javed did not get as much buzz from her TV shows as he is getting from Risky Outfits. Urfi Javed started her acting career in 2016. Born in a very conservative family from the beginning, Urfi Javed had told that she had run away from home and came to Mumbai and started trying to establish her foothold here. Urfi Javed’s name came into the limelight when she appeared as a contestant in ‘Bigg Boss OTT’. In this show too, Urfi Javed wore a dress made of dustbin bag to save herself from elimination. Because of this, Urfi became very popular.



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