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Urfi Javed wore such a bo*ld dress this time, watching the video someone said, ‘The bag of garbage has been pasted’

Bigg Boss Ott Contestants Urfi Javed Bo*ld: TV actress Urfi Javed is dominating the internet these days due to her hotness. Urfi has become an internet sensation these days. Urfi Javed is in a lot of headlines after being a part of ‘Bigg Boss’ OTT. To keep herself in the limelight, Urfi wears such a thing that she gets noticed by everyone. At the same time, she is constantly dominated on social media due to her awkward dressing sense. She is in the news almost every day because of her unique clothes. Meanwhile, once again Urfi has come in the discussion about her bo*ld look. But this time her own fashion became a problem for her. Watch the video here…

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This video of Urfi Javed is becoming quite viral on social media. This video has been posted on Woopla’s Instagram account. In this video you can see that Urfi is wearing a dress made of leather. She is wearing a leather key off shoulder bralette with leather pants, in which Eddie has elastic. At the same time, one hand of this bralette is covered like a whole glove. At the same time, nothing like this in the other hand. At the same time, a bandage is coming around her neck and there is a string in the back. At the same time, Urfi’s simple makeup with this dress is enhancing her look even more. With this dress, she has a high ponytail in her hair.

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In this video you can see that Urfi is wearing very high heels on her feet. Her high heels had become a problem for her. She kept on falling because of these heels. After watching this video, Urfi is being trolled badly on social media. Commenting on this, users are calling her a shop of overacting. While one wrote, ‘Rakhi Sawant 2’. On the other hand, another user writes, ‘Yeh kya coal tar stick liye nene.’ So there one wrote, ‘Garbage bag.’



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