US Election 2020: Concern for Zuckerberg, unrest will spread in the US if the result is delayed


San francisco. There are only a few days left in the US Presidential Election, but it is clear that due to the epidemic, the result may be delayed. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg feared civil unrest in the US amid fears of a delay in the results. Zuckerberg has expressed fears that civil unrest in the United States could arise if there is a delay in the counting of votes in the Presidential election or if there is some kind of disturbance.

Zuckerberg has also alerted his team of other social media sites and especially Facebook in view of these apprehensions. Zuckerberg expressed concern over this and said that this is an ordeal for social media. He stressed that for Facebook, it is a test. He said that concrete provisions should be made to prevent the spread of misinformation on Facebook. The Facebook chief said that steps should be taken to prevent further pressure on voters. Let us know that in the US presidential election held four years ago, Facebook was accused of cheating voters.

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Allegations of bias on Facebook
The matter has been mired in controversy after the US President removed a paid political advertisement from his platform before the election. The opposition has accused Facebook of weakening its election campaign. In fact, after Facebook banned a paid political aid, the Democratic Party accused Facebook of favoritism. Facebook product manager Rob Lyderne said that we are investigating the matter whether some advertisements were not banned in a wrong way. Let us tell you that Facebook has tightened the rules of Political Aid this year on allegations of last election.

This Facebook advertisement claims Trump’s victory. On this, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden’s media adviser Megan Klassen alleged that Facebook refused to publish her ad, referring to Election Day, while Trump’s ad is still visible there. Megan Klassen has accused Facebook of bias by tweeting a screenshot of Trump’s ad. At the same time, Joe Biden’s Political Advisor Eric Reif said that we are trying to restore the ad removed by Facebook.

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