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Viral: Mother becomes death mole to save the life of the child, it will be difficult to stop the tears by watching the video

Seeing the death of the child in the water, the mother herself came in the middle and became a morsel of death. Seeing this video of mother’s sacrifice, users are getting emotional.

There is no measure of the value of mother’s love in the world . God himself also succumbs to the feeling of love of the mother. It is the mother who can even die for the safety of her child. One such heartbreaking video is going viral in which the example of a mother’s immovable love is being seen.

This video has been shared by Sushant S Nanda, working in the Indian Forest Service, on his Twitter account. The video came from the forest. In this, users have become very emotional on seeing the sacrifice of the mother to save the young deer.

The video is of the jungle, showing in the video that a deer cub breaks into a river and goes into the river. Seeing the deer cub, the dreaded crocodile swims towards him to make him his morsel. The deer cub is oblivious to the death, but the cub’s mother has seen it.

The female deer jumps into the water and the deer swims towards the cub. She swiftly falls between the floating deer and the crocodile, and the crocodile drags her into the water. On the other hand, the deer cub crosses the Salamat River and returns to the ground.

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In the video, you can see how Hirani comes to death deliberately to save the child and becomes a crocodile morsel himself. There is no fear in her eyes while going to the crocodile, she is just seeing that her child is going to the other end of the river safely. Users are getting emotional after seeing this feeling of innocent Hirani’s eyes.

Indeed, this video is such an example of Mamta who has proved that the mother can sacrifice anything for the child and the love and sacrifice of the mother cannot be compared to anything.

One user has written that at the age of 35, I have not yet seen such an emotional video.

One user has written – Mother’s status is the highest in the whole creation.





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