Viral video – Baba Ramdev doing yoga on the elephant fell down


Yoga teacher Baba Ramdev, who taught the world the balance of life through yoga, lost himself in balance. Sitting on an elephant, doing yoga exercises, Baba Ramdev suddenly fell down. Although he has not got any injury, but now his video is becoming very viral on social media and people are also making fun of it.

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In Mathura, Baba Ramdev was teaching yoga to the saints of Ramnareti Ashram in Mathura. They were doing yoga yoga sitting on a decorated elephant that when the elephant started moving and Baba fell down.

As soon as they fell, there was a loud cry from around. It is believed that Baba Ramdev did not get hurt in this incident and immediately stood up dusting his clothes. Now this video is becoming fiercely viral on social media and people are also taking a lot of jokes on it.


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