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Viral Video: The bride refused to wear a garland, kissed before the resentment increased and then it became a thing

Viral Video: Everyday many videos come out on the internet. Be it the season of weddings, many wedding videos become viral, which trend on Google for a long time. Sometimes we do not know that the person in front records a special moment of ours and then puts it on any platform, then that video becomes viral after the users like it. Something similar was seen in this viral video. In this, the bride and groom going to get married get away from each other at the time of garland.

By the way, the girl keeps away from the boy, when he is coming to put her garland. It was observed that the groom gets a little annoyed when the girl is away. All the preparations for the wedding are done and all the people are watching that special moment, but there comes a time when everyone is surprised. However, the girl who is going to become a bride is doing so only jokingly. But it is also a fact that the boy’s mouth becomes.

However, all turns out well in the end. The girl’s garland is put on and then there is a kiss between the two.

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This wedding video has been uploaded on Instagram account named witty_wedding. Till now it has got thousands of views and likes.

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Parvesh Maurya
Parvesh Maurya
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