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Visa Rules Changed: Australia made big changes in the visa rules for Indian students, now it will be difficult to get a visa

Study Abroad Australia: It has now become difficult for all international students including Indians to study in Australia. Australia has made many major changes in its visa rules. After which not only will it become difficult to get a visa, but you will also have to spend more money. Also, you will have to work harder to pass the language test.

Study Abroad Australia: It is now going to be difficult for Indian students to study in Australia. Australia has decided to tighten the visa rules for international students. With the new rule, it has become more difficult for foreign students to get an Australian visa. It is believed that Indian students will be affected the most by this. Australia had earlier announced a big increase in visa fees. After which, from July 1, 2024, international students have to pay 1600 Australian dollars instead of 710 Australian dollars as visa fee.

According to the report, visitor visa and student visa holders will no longer be able to apply for onshore student visa. It is believed that some Indians are coming to Australia with a tourist visa. Later they get a study visa by enrolling in a college.

What changes did Australia make in the visa rules?

-According to the new rule, now international students will have to pay more visa fees. Before the rule came into force, the visa processing fee was 710 Australian dollars (about Rs 39,546). Now it has been increased to 1600 Australian dollars (about Rs 89,118).

-To study in Australia, students will now have to keep more money in their savings account than before. To qualify for an Australian visa, you will have to show savings of at least Rs 16.2 lakh.

-Just passing the IELTS language test for visa will not suffice. It is important to get good marks. Earlier, for a temporary graduate visa, it was necessary to score 6.0 in it, now it has been increased to 6.5.

– The age of temporary graduate visa i.e. TGV has been reduced. According to the new rule, it has now been made 35 years. Earlier the age limit used to be 50 years.

How many Indian students in Australia?

According to the Indian High Commission, a total of 1,22,391 Indian students were studying in Australia in January-September 2023. In the year 2022, a total of more than one lakh Indian students were studying in various institutions in Australia. A total of 9,76,000 Indians live in Australia.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
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