Watch cctv video of gangster vikas dubey hiring an auto rickshaw in Faridabad


In Faridabad, development survived by the police. CCTV footage is visible in how before the arrival of the police he ran riding in an auto. Growth standing in front of a shop of sweets waited there for about five minutes. She had seen the camera at the sweet shop so it was out there but her photographs had been imprisoned until then. The first two autos didn’t sit on it. In the third Auto he sat and walked. She wore black shirts, jeans and masks. A bag on his shoulder has also been seen. It is believed that he is hiding his belongings from around. A man from the area in which development was seen, was in talks with a channel that the police had seen development but could not recognize. Vikas Dubey had actually halted in a small hotel located in Badakh Chowk area. According to the hotel staff, development had made its identity as Sprout. The police team fled from the hotel before they arrived. Some of his colleagues have been caught from there. Delhi-NCR is looking for a number of places. Development and its operatives are being explored in several districts of western UP.



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