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Watch: Flower pot stolen from car worth lakhs, video went viral, administration said – action will be taken

There is a belief in our mind that those who do not have money, they become thieves to fulfill their hobby. No, it is not like that. Owners of vehicles worth 40-50 lakhs living in big apartments can also steal 100-50 rupees. If you don’t believe then watch the viral video on social media for 24 hours. You will be ashamed but they did not know.

New Delhi: If you also keep pots outside the house or in the balcony, then start tying a chain in it now. Yes brother, now this time has come. Even rich people who drive 30-40 lakh vehicles can clean their hands on your pot worth 60-70 rupees. Don’t be surprised. If you have planted beautiful smelling flowers worth 100-200 rupees in the bed, then the risk is high. Till now we have been putting locks in cycles and bikes, now we have to find a way to avoid pot thieves (#gamlachor). A video is viral on social media. In this, two people who came in a ‘Kia’ car are seen stealing the flower pots kept on the side of the road. They don’t even feel ashamed, they are behaving as if they have come to buy pots in the nursery. The flower pots are seen to be selected with great care. India is presiding over the G-20 grouping and events are to be held in several cities of the country including the capital this year. Delhi is smelling of flowers but some people have a bag in their mind. Flower pots kept for decoration on Gurugram NH-48 were blown away. The accused Manmohan has been arrested. Those pots and the vehicle have also been recovered. But this incident is shameful. How far have we fallen!

What do we expect from the government in general? There should be development, there should be good roads, there should be garbage management, but development is not being digested by people like these. They probably have a habit of seeing open drains or sewers only. Our city should be beautiful, we may want to walk on the side of the road for a few moments… They do not like such an environment. Greenery is already there in Delhi, but due to the G-20 events, beauty is being created on seeing it. However, this is not the first case of pot theft or such. Many such scandals have been committed by some of us only, seeing which our children may feel ashamed. I am mentioning three such cases here.

1. Raees Chor of Gurugram

The video you saw above has the same story. The colorful flower pots kept near Shankar Chowk for the G-20 Summit were giving happiness and peace to the heart. You will be surprised to know that the person who steals the pots is an officer of the Forest Department. Means if you have been considering thieves as poor or unemployed, then change your perspective. This gentleman is a government official and his salary is also very good. Many programs of G-20 are happening in Gurugram. When the city was decorated, noble thieves started roaming around.

People who always point fingers at the government, talk like nothing can happen to this country need to look at their own neighborhood as well. How much are we contributing in making the city clean? Even today, in the streets of the city, people suddenly throw their garbage below or in front of the neighbors at night. Now the video of pot has come, but some people even blow the dustbins kept on the road or park, the bulbs and tube lights installed in government buildings. Just stop and think for a minute. It is not just a matter of 100-200 rupees, this thinking itself is dirty. We teach children not to steal and we ourselves are getting the title of bulb thief, pot thief, dustbin thief.

2. Gamla Chor of Lucknow

In 2020, a similar video surfaced from Lucknow. The light was on during the night. A gentleman in T-shirt-half pants gets down from the Swift Dzire car. Going to the door of a house, they start looking here and there. He did not know that everything was visible in the CCTV. The people of the house were inside and this man started removing a big pot kept on the boundary wall. The pot was so heavy that it sat down. Pulling somehow, he took the pot to the car and ran away after putting it in the backseat. Hearing the sound of banging, people came out from inside but he had fled.

Means the days have come when the police have to catch pot thieves. By the way, Raita has spread so much in the human mind that people are stealing slippers from outside the temple, going to hotels and putting spoons in their pockets, stealing pot from the car on the side of the road and running away. Talk to your children once, they will also express surprise after hearing such news, but these people of father’s age do not know, what kind of intoxication they have got.

3. Train seat or mirror

The infection has spread in our thinking. When we are sitting in a gleaming Volvo bus, we start wiping our shoes through the curtains. Throw stones at a great train like Vande Bharat. They make holes in the cushions of government buses bought with our own money. Will the police put you in jail for everything? If this happens, believe me, a new jail will have to be built every 10 km.

200 plants blown up, not 1-2

A few days ago, when Lucknow was decorated with flowers for the Global Investors Summit in UP, two people stole 100 flower pots. Eventually the administration had to form a team to protect the pots. It was learned that a shopkeeper had stolen 55 pots kept on the side of the road. Not only this, thieves also took away 200 saplings from Shaheed Marg Highway. Police registered an FIR and caught the ‘plant-lover’ on CCTV.

We have to understand our own as well as public or social interest. We decorate our room, balcony or complex is a good thing but will people from other planets come to beautify the neighborhood, city and country? When will we improve? Selfish people think only of serving their own interests. Are trees-plants, rivers-wells, parks, even pots selfish? Do they keep their scent, water, oxygen for themselves. We call ourselves social and intelligent creatures, the time has come for overhauling or refreshing our mind.

just do it bro There are many NGOs, who give saplings for free. If you have a lot of hobbies and do not want to spend even a single penny, then meet them. Saplings are also given from time to time by the government. But please, stop such acts.

Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu Maurya
Shyamu has done Degree in Fine Arts and has knowledge about bollywood industry. He started writing in 2018. Since then he has been associated with Informalnewz. In case of any complain or feedback, please contact me
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