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Web series: These are Alt Balaji’s 5 bo*ldest web series, watch them alone

After the Corona epidemic, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of people watching web series. Every year many powerful web series are seen on the OTT platform. But in these web series a lot of intimate scenes are also seen. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to see them sitting with family.

Very bo*ld and intimate content is available on Alt Balaji. This is the reason that discussions of these web series keep on hearing. Meanwhile, today in this article we will know about the five bo*ldest web series ever present on Alt Balaji.

Gandii Baat Series

Gandi Baat has also been a very bo*ld series and till now 6 seasons have been released. From the first season till the end of the season, there has been a lot of bo*ld and intimate. Actually, seeing the demand of the fans, now even the stars do not hesitate to give bed scenes.

Bekaaboo 2

Alt Balaji’s popular web series Bekaboo 2 is also a part of this series. In this series, Priya Banerjee and Rajiv Siddharth romanced fiercely. Actually Bekaboo is the story of a bestselling writer, who has recently gained a lot of fame for her book.

Crime and Confession

Crime and Confession is a tremendous web series, in which a tremendous amount of bo*ld and intimate scenes have been applied. This series revolves around 5 different families. In this web series, the story of love, greed and jealousy has been filmed in a tremendous way.

Season 2 of X.X.X.

Whenever Alt Balaji’s bo*ldest web series is mentioned, XXX season 2 is first remembered. Along with bo*ld scenes, very bo*ld dialogues are also heard in the series. It is being told that after the success of the first and second part, its third part can be released soon.

LSD – Love, Scadal & Doctor

This is the story of a 5 medical intern. These five doctors are badly caught in a scandal. Actually they all get implicated in the murder charge. Many bo*ld scenes with many tremendous twists have also been filmed in this series.



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