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Web Series: This is the most bo*ld web series, do not watch with anyone

Web Series: More than films, now there is a temper of bo*ldness on Ototi. In some web series, the scenes are so bo*ld that they have to take special care of their privacy before clicking. Know about one such web series.

Apart from romance, a tremendous amount of bo*ldness has been applied in this web series present on the OTT platform. There are some scenes in which every limit has been broken.

There are more bo*ld scenes in this web series. Some scenes are so bo*ld that while watching them, keep in mind that no one is around you.

The name of this web series is Seal 2. It stars Ayesha Kapoor and Karan in lead roles. In this, both of them have given so many bo*ld and hot scenes that they have crossed every limit.

The story of this web series revolves around the newly married couple. All kinds of scenes have been used to make the series bo*ld. There are some scenes that you will be ashamed to see.

Ayesha Kapoor has done bo*ld scenes not only in this web series but also in many web series. In every web series, so many hot scenes have been given that with family, do not watch it at all.



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