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What happened to Urfi Javed? Bare feet were seen at the airport, the users made fun of it, said – so much poverty…

Urfi Javed is once again on the target of haters. But this time Urfi is getting trolled not for her clothes, but for walking barefoot at the airport. People are making fun of Urfi.

Her airport fashion has also been in the news with Urfi Javed’s quirky and unique style statement. Urfi is also looting a lot of limelight for her unique airport looks with Instagram posts. Now once again Urfi was spotted at the airport and as usual this time too he is being discussed everywhere.

Urfi was seen walking barefoot at the airport

This time Urfi’s clothes were not so strange. But still, Urfi caught the attention of the people. Isn’t this a wonderful thing? Bhai this Urfi is Javed and Urfi knows very well to garner discussion with her looks. This time Urfi was seen walking barefoot at the airport. In the video you can see that the paparazzi tells Urfi – Urfi ji chappal? To this she replies – I had brought heels, I did not dare.

Users are making fun of Urfi

People are surprised to see Urfi walking barefoot without shoes and slippers at the airport, while many people are also making fun of Urfi. One user made fun of Urfi and wrote – Will have asked for a vow, I will go barefoot to the airport.

Another user wrote – Did not even wear slippers, so much poverty.

Another user while trolling Urfi wrote – Have the slippers been stolen in the temple?

At the same time, seeing Urfi at the airport every day, many users want to know that after all, what does she go to airport again and again. The user wrote – What does she go to do at the airport every day. Finding the paparazzi.

Urfi’s growing fan following

No matter how much people troll Urfi, but they have no answer in terms of popularity. Urfi’s fan following is increasing with each passing day. The actress has got 3 million followers on Instagram. On this happy occasion, Urfi is seen partying with her friends. Urfi’s friends are seen in celebration mood by lifting her in their lap in happiness.



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