What will happen to the stock market? 2.82 lakh crores of these 7 companies submerged


The market cap of seven of the top 10 Sensex companies fell by Rs 2,82,548.07 crore last week. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), HDFC Bank and Kotak Mahindra were the biggest losers.

Actually, the corona virus has hit the markets all over the world. Last week, the BSE Sensex lost 2,224.64 points, or 7.46 percent. The market capitalization of TCS declined by Rs 61,614.15 crore during this period to Rs 6,20,794.53 crore.

Reliance Industries retained the first position in the top-10 list. It was followed by TCS, Hindustan Unilever, HDFC Bank, HDFC, Infosys, Bharti Airtel, ITC, Kotak Mahindra Bank and ICICI Bank.

HDFC Bank’s market valuation declined by Rs 50,199.49 crore to Rs 4,46,065.35 crore. Similarly, the market capitalization of Kotak Mahindra Bank declined by Rs 49,332.07 crore to Rs 2,18,021.18 crore.

HDFC’s market capitalization declined by Rs 44,102.26 crore to Rs 2,59,703.22 crore and ICICI Bank’s Rs 34,691.74 crore to Rs 1,85,436.82 crore.

Infosys’ market cap fell by Rs 28,996.74 crore and came down to Rs 2,49,342.72 crore. Bharti Airtel’s market share fell by Rs 13,611.62 crore to Rs 2,31,288.35 crore.

At the same time, the market capitalization of ITC increased by Rs 18,315.42 crore to Rs 2,18,555.87 crore. Similarly, the market cap of Reliance Industries increased by Rs 8,050.87 crore to Rs 6,83,499.82 crore. Hindustan Unilever’s market cap increased by Rs 2,873.37 crore to Rs 4,66,210.02 crore.




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