Why are farmers so important for both the government and the opposition?


Since 2014, there have been many big farmer movements against the Modi government amid claims of being farmer friendly. Now, under the pretext of ordinances, farmers organizations and opposition parties have got an excuse to mobilize again.

new Delhi. Some farmers’ organizations and anti-BJP (BJP) parties are besieging the government regarding the three ordinances related to agriculture (Agriculture Ordinance 2020). On September 10, this issue has caught up after the beating of the food donors going to the ‘Kisan Bachao-Mandi Bachao’ rally held in Kurukshetra, Haryana. Many opposition parties, including the Congress, are aggressive on the Modi government over farmers. Congress leaders are accusing Prime Minister Modi of neglecting the farmers and trying to enslave them in the hands of corporates, but the BJP is trying not to let the image of the Modi government become anti-farmer in any case. However, amidst claims of being farmer friendly, there have been many farmer agitations against the Modi government and now farmers and opposition parties have got another excuse to mobilize under the pretext of ordinances.

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Despite the clarification, the announcement of the Kisan Rally is

why Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar had to once again clarify these three ordinances on the first day of the monsoon session of Parliament. He claimed that these are life changing bills of agriculture. In contract farming, there will be a contract of the crop and not the farm. The contracting party will declare the minimum price to the farmer. Both MSP and Mandi will continue. Despite this clarification, the National Farmers’ Workers Organization in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, has announced a rally on September 17 to protest against these three ordinances. Agriculture Minister Tomar hails from Madhya Pradesh.

That is why the farmer friendly image being made is the

big question, why is the focus of both the opposition and the BJP on farmers these days? Political analysts say that number force is most important in politics. There are 14.5 crore farmer families in the country. This means about 500 million people. The people who live in villages and vote the most. Therefore, both the opposition and the ruling party are busy making their farmer-friendly image.

Political analyst Alok Bhadauria says that farmers are politically important for both the ruling and the opposition. Without farmers, neither the economy can run nor any party can remain in power. Because they have the numerical strength of the vote. In this case, whether or not any government or party works, but everyone has to talk about the farmers.

Income doubling marketing

Despite the anti-government farmer movements, the BJP has reaped the crop of electoral success by helping farmers with Rs 6000 annually. He is well aware of the number of cultivators. That is why the issue of doubling the income of farmers is continuously marketing. However, till now it is not able to tell how much the income of the donor increased in his government.

Since 2014

, after the formation of the government in the year 2014, the opposition Narendra Modi was surrounded by agriculture and farming, PM Narendra Modi had placed the issues of farmers at the top. But now the opposition is surrounding the government on questions related to farming and farming. The Congress had released a ‘Betrayal’ booklet before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In which the problems related to farmers were given first place.

However, the Modi government’s troubles with these three ordinances are increasing because the resentment against the Modi government in the rural areas is clearly visible in the elections of many states. States like Bihar where the income of farmers is the lowest in the country are also ready to raise this issue because the minimum support price is not available. Bihar has an assembly election this year.

According to Rahul Raj, president of Madhya Pradesh unit in Rashtriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan, Vidisha Rally has been organized in protest against debt liberation, demand for full price, privatization of mandis and all three agricultural ordinances. It would be better if the government enacts a law to procure crops on MSP before the rally.


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