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Why is health insurance important in the era of Covid? Keep these things in mind

Health Insurance: A minimum of Rs 5 lakh coverage is good for a person of 30 years of age with a healthy lifestyle, non-smoking habits.

Health Insurance: The number of deaths due to infection of Covid 19 virus across the country is increasing continuously. On the other hand, hospitals are struggling to increase the number of patients in the second wave of corona virus, of which many patients are young as opposed to the first wave of corona in 2020. In fact, Covid is more contagious at this time and is spreading at a faster rate than before.

The right time to take family health insurance

The cost of treatment during illness, especially if one has to remain in intensive care, can be difficult to handle. At the same time, fear of health can also bring a financial stress for the family. In such a situation, this can be a good time to review your health insurance and get as much insurance cover as possible for the family.

This time the virus is more dangerous than before

New medical research has found that Kovid 19 has now spread in the air and is infecting people with it. This means that the number of population affected by it is very large. Therefore, it is more important than ever that in view of medical inflation, attention should be paid to your health insurance portfolio to meet the needs of the present time.

Get enough cover

While there are Kovid-specific health insurance policies (Health Insurance) on offer in the market, it may be preferable to have comprehensive health insurance cover to provide adequate protection against hospitalization. “Kovid-19 coverage should be a part of a health insurance portfolio. A person can opt for Kovid-19 specific policy that he does not have any health care plan for this particular disease. However, now all health insurance plans are providing coverage for Kovid-19.

Get standard health insurance

In addition, Kovid-19 viruses have long-term effects on other parts of the body, which sometimes require a different drug, which are not covered by Kovid-19 specific policies. Therefore, it is advised that there should be a standard health insurance plan which ensures complete coverage of all types of diseases..

Take a cover of at least 5 lakh rupees

For a person aged 30 with a healthy lifestyle and non-smoking habits, it is always good to have a minimum coverage of Rs 5 lakh. Keeping in mind the changing health conditions, it can be increased on an annual basis.

If you are looking for a higher sum insured, especially at a time when the Kovid case is starting to count, then you also want to find out some top-up health insurance policies. Here is a hint table on the premium on the Kovid-19 specific cover by some of the leading companies:

company’s name Benefit Premium insurance coverage Tenure
Aditya Birla PPE, Home Care Remedies 2,045 including tax Rs 3 lakh 9.5 months
Star health admitted to hospital 1,424 excluding tax Rs 3 lakh 9.5 months
HDFC Ergo Home care treatment 1,234 excluding tax Rs 3 lakh 9.5 months



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