Why is the laughing face of Kapil Sharma, who made everyone laugh, is missing, told why the face has landed


Kapil Sharma shared the latest picture and explained the reason behind his sad face.

Comedian Kapil Sharma specializes in making people laugh, no matter how sad the Kapil Sharma show makes him laugh. But this time Kapil Sharma himself is depressed. The reason for this is stated by Kapil himself in his latest Instagram post. Actually, Kapil Sharma’s face has landed due to his diet. Kapil Sharma these days is engaged in reducing weight and for this he is following strict diet. In this case, he took protein salad for breakfast this morning. Which included eggs and green vegetables. Now Kapil has posted that he cannot smile with this salad. Kapil Sharma has written- I can’t smile with this protein salad, give me paratha with butter and look at my smile.

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Recently, Kapil’s daughter Anayara has turned a year old, and Kapil Sharma has shared pictures of her daughter’s birthday celebrations on Instagram account. In the pictures, the birthday girl Anaira looks absolutely princess in pink color frock. Anaira is wearing pink colored shoes and has a crown on her head. Kapil Sharma has shared four pictures, in the first picture, Kapil Sharma’s daughter Anayara is looking very happy in her grandmother’s lap.

In the second picture, Anaire is seen posing with her pink colored cake. In the third picture, Anayara is seen sitting with the cake, her cheeks are covered with cake and Kapil Sharma is looking at his Dulari Lado, in the fourth picture Baby Anaira’s mom dad Ginni and Kapil are seen with their dolls. The daughter is adopted by Kapil. Kapil and Ginni are wearing a black t-shirt which says Anaira turns one – that is, Anaira turned one year old. The same is written in Kapil’s mother’s t-shirt.

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Kapil Sharma posted these pictures on Instagram, writing- “Thank you so much for sending so much love and blessings to our Lado on the first day- Ginni and Kapil.”

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